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1 qst000602_msg0001 84 Oh, what's up? Got a bit of a job for me, have you?
2 qst000602_msg0002 84 Oh, I see. Twaina needs her stove sorted out again, does she? Well, I'm your man!
3 qst000602_msg0003 84 The cost of the work'll be about 3,000G, I'd say.
4 qst000602_msg0004 84 I'll need payment up front, though... I'm a bit of a stickler for that.
5 qst000602_msg0005 84 It's my wife, see. She goes bananas when I give people credit.
6 qst000602_msg0006 84 Honestly, I'm more scared of getting it in the ear from her than this bloody Titan falling down!
7 qst000602_msg0007 84 So, if you don't mind, I need paying first, for the sake of my sanity.
8 qst000602_msg0008 84 Although... Maybe there is one way I could do it for nothing...
9 qst000602_msg0009 84 There's something I wanted to give to my wife, you see.
10 qst000602_msg0010 84 She's pretty fierce, but she does right by me, she does.
11 qst000602_msg0011 84 So, I wanted to get her this nifty little thing called a Chain of Keys. They don't sell any round here though.
12 qst000602_msg0012 84 Maybe you salvagers could fish one up from somewhere. That's the sort of thing you do, isn't it?
13 qst000602_msg0013 84 Yes, get me a Chain of Keys, and I'll call it quits on fixing the stove.
14 qst000602_msg0014 84 I'll be happy with the cash, if you can't find one, though.
15 qst000602_msg0015 84 Either way, I'm a happy chappy. Let me know when you've got it sorted!
16 qst000602_msg0101 84 So, did you get it sorted out then?
17 qst000602_msg0102 165 Which will you give?
18 qst000602_msg0103 165 Give the money
19 qst000602_msg0104 165 Give the Chain of Keys
20 qst000602_msg0105 84 The price is the same as I said before. 3,000G to be exact.
21 qst000602_msg0106 84 Thanks a lot.
22 qst000602_msg0107 84 The job's over at Twaina's place, you said?
23 qst000602_msg0108 84 I'll head over there and get her stove fixed then. See you later!
24 qst000602_msg0109 84 Oh, thank you ever so much. That's a really big help to me.
25 qst000602_msg0110 84 I'd never have been able to get something like this with the little bit of money the wife lets me spend.
26 qst000602_msg0111 84 I'll head over to Twaina's and get her stove fixed then.
27 qst000602_msg0112 84 It'll be right as rain in no time!
28 qst000602_msg0113 84 Er, you don't seem to have the goods.
29 qst000602_msg0114 84 It's a Chain of Keys that I'm after.
30 qst000602_msg0115 84 Or 3,000G. That'll do as well.
31 qst000602_msg0116 84 Either one's fine. Just come back and let me know when you've got it sorted.
32 qst000602_msg0117 165 Pay 3,000G?
33 qst000602_msg0118 165 Pay
34 qst000602_msg0119 165 Don't pay