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1 qst000401_msg0001 84 Ahh... That looks fun...
2 qst000401_msg0002 84 Hiya!
3 qst000401_msg0003 84 I wanna play with 'em too! Except I can't swim...
4 qst000401_msg0004 84 So when everyone's havin' fun at the waterside, I just stand here feeling daft.
5 qst000401_msg0005 84 I'd like to practice my swimming, but without the equipment I need, it's all a bit tough.
6 qst000401_msg0006 84 I heard about a plant that grows on Coolley Lake, called Buoyweed.
7 qst000401_msg0007 84 It floats on water, so it'd be perfect for swimming lessons, but...
8 qst000401_msg0008 84 There's monsters near where Buoyweed grows, so I can't just pick it.
9 qst000401_msg0009 84 I nearly got ate last time I tried...
10 qst000401_msg0010 84 You'll pick some for me?!
11 qst000401_msg0011 84 Well, three of them should be enough to keep me afloat.
12 qst000401_msg0012 84 Thanks a bunch!
13 qst000401_msg0013 84 I saw the Buoyweed around the middle of Coolley Lake last time.
14 qst000401_msg0014 84 Lemme know once you get three!