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1 qst000205_msg001 84 Everyone here now!
2 qst000205_msg002 84 Friend find Talulu already?
3 qst000205_msg003 84 Yes... Friend is hide-'n'-seek genius.
4 qst000205_msg004 84 Hear hear!
5 qst000205_msg015 84 Anyhow, thank friend for playing!
6 qst000205_msg005 84 Mmeh? Aft, have to say thank you!
7 qst000205_msg006 84 Yeah, yeah, I was gonna! Thanks for playing.
8 qst000205_msg007 84 My parents are both too busy to play with me, ever...
9 qst000205_msg008 84 But today was real fun! Really, thanks a lot for playing with us!
10 qst000205_msg009 84 You can come play with us anytime!
11 qst000205_msg010 84 Um... Here is thank-you gift from Snikisniki and friends.
12 qst000205_msg011 84 It like scrap of treasure for us!
13 qst000205_msg012 84 Or maybe it just scrap. Anyhoo, please take!
14 qst000205_msg013 84 All right then, I guess you've got places to go?
15 qst000205_msg014 84 Come and play again! See you around!