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1 qst000105_msg001 84 ...Well, I don't think the Trent Krabbles are gonna come back anytime soon.
2 qst000105_msg002 84 Let's let Ysolde know.
3 qst000105_msg003 84 Phew... The Trent Krabbles should stay away from now on.
4 qst000105_msg004 84 Let's go back and tell Ysolde.
5 qst000105_msg005 84 Phew! Coast finally clear. Those Trent Krabbles very persistent!
6 qst000105_msg006 84 Now we return and tell Ysolde!
7 qst000105_msg007 84 Is that the last of them? All right, Trent Krabbles repelled. Mission complete.
8 qst000105_msg008 84 Shall we go back and let Ysolde know?
9 qst000105_msg009 84 Done and dusted! Trent Krabbles are no match for Thunderbolt Zeke's tenacity!
10 qst000105_msg010 84 Let's mosey on back and tell Ysolde.