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1 kizunatalk082_msg0001 84 Oh, how splendid.
2 kizunatalk082_msg0002 84 Will you take a look at that view! That's quite some natural beauty, right there.
3 kizunatalk082_msg0003 84 Yeah, I can't imagine seeing a view quite like this anywhere else.
4 kizunatalk082_msg0004 84 Yeah, you don't see a view like this every day, that's for sure.
5 kizunatalk082_msg0005 84 I quite agree. A view this beautiful is a rare and remarkable sight.
6 kizunatalk082_msg0006 84 Yep, it's a rare sight all right. You don't see a view like this just anywhere.
7 kizunatalk082_msg0007 84 I'm a little surprised you appreciate this kind of beauty though, Dahlia.
8 kizunatalk082_msg0008 84 I thought you liked things a little more...flashy.
9 kizunatalk082_msg0009 84 Ohoho... You're sharp, Brighid, hon, but not sharp enough.
10 kizunatalk082_msg0010 84 Sure, I'm a big fan of extravagant beauty, but there's somethin' extra special about the beauty o' nature.
11 kizunatalk082_msg0012 84 The beauty of nature?
12 kizunatalk082_msg0013 84 You mean, things are more beautiful in their natural state?
13 kizunatalk082_msg0014 84 Pretty much. If you can be beautiful without even tryin'...
14 kizunatalk082_msg0015 84 Ain't that just the purest beauty of all?
15 kizunatalk082_msg0016 84 Hmm... Is that right?
16 kizunatalk082_msg0025 84 I mean, look at Poppi. Does she put any effort into how she looks? Naw. But she's still a total sweetheart.
17 kizunatalk082_msg0026 84 I suppose that's true.
18 kizunatalk082_msg0027 84 There's any number o' ways to spruce yourself up an' make yourself look beautiful.
19 kizunatalk082_msg0028 84 But that's just smoke an' mirrors. Making the surface look good while ignoring what's underneath.
20 kizunatalk082_msg0030 84 So I figure real beauty is the stuff that happens naturally, without any o' that.
21 kizunatalk082_msg0036 165 What should I say to Dahlia?
22 kizunatalk082_msg0037 164 Either way, you're pretty beautiful.
23 kizunatalk082_msg0038 164 Why is nature so important to you?
24 kizunatalk082_msg0039 165 What should I say to Dahlia?
25 kizunatalk082_msg0040 164 You're pretty beautiful anyway, though.
26 kizunatalk082_msg0041 164 Why're you so keen on nature?
27 kizunatalk082_msg0042 165 What should I say to Dahlia?
28 kizunatalk082_msg0043 164 You seem quite beautiful, in any case.
29 kizunatalk082_msg0044 164 Why are you so concerned with nature?
30 kizunatalk082_msg0045 165 What should I say to Dahlia?
31 kizunatalk082_msg0046 164 Either way, you're a stunner.
32 kizunatalk082_msg0047 164 Why're you so crazy about nature?
33 kizunatalk082_msg0101 84 Why, thank you, hon! But I've still got a long way to go.
34 kizunatalk082_msg0102 84 Like I said before, it's not enough to just look good on the outside.
35 kizunatalk082_msg0103 84 Like, say if I was to scarf down all your breakfasts by myself, would you think I was beautiful then?
36 kizunatalk082_msg0104 84 Or if I ran away in the middle of battle, leavin' my Driver behind.
37 kizunatalk082_msg0105 84 To be really beautiful, you've gotta start from what's inside.
38 kizunatalk082_msg0106 84 The beauty that flows forth naturally from a person, both inside and out... That's what I'm strivin' for.
39 kizunatalk082_msg0107 84 That's why my goal is to never hide behind decorations an' always show my true self.
40 kizunatalk082_msg0108 84 Oh, that makes sense. That's a pretty cool philosophy to live by.
41 kizunatalk082_msg0109 84 Oh, I get it. Pretty neat philosophy to live by, I guess.
42 kizunatalk082_msg0110 84 Interesting. I feel this philosophy captures your essence quite well.
43 kizunatalk082_msg0111 84 Oh right, I get it. Yeah, that's not a bad philosophy to live by.
44 kizunatalk082_msg0112 84 Then maybe you'd like to join me, hon? We can better our true selves together!
45 kizunatalk082_msg0201 84 Keen on nature, huh? I never really thought about it, but I guess you could say I am.
46 kizunatalk082_msg0202 84 I mean, you humans age as the years go by, right?
47 kizunatalk082_msg0203 84 Gals especially tend to really hate that, feelin' like it's just makin' them uglier, but me, I think it's a beautiful thing.
48 kizunatalk082_msg0204 84 An aging body's a sign of the long life you've lived, and a mark of all the experiences you've been through, right?
49 kizunatalk082_msg0205 84 So I figure that's a unique form o' natural beauty, too.
50 kizunatalk082_msg0206 84 So it's like...a human life itself is a work of art created by nature?
51 kizunatalk082_msg0207 84 That's a pretty cool philosophy.
52 kizunatalk082_msg0208 84 So what, each human life is another one of nature's works of art?
53 kizunatalk082_msg0209 84 Pretty neat way of looking at it.
54 kizunatalk082_msg0210 84 So each human life is a work of art created by the bounty of nature?
55 kizunatalk082_msg0211 84 That's an admirable way of putting it.
56 kizunatalk082_msg0212 84 Oh, I get it. So like, each human life is one of nature's works of art?
57 kizunatalk082_msg0213 84 Pretty classy way of looking at it.
58 kizunatalk082_msg0214 84 Bein' a Blade, I wasn't born from nature like you humans are.
59 kizunatalk082_msg0215 84 I came into the world lookin' this way, and when my Driver dies, I'll disappear lookin' just the same.
60 kizunatalk082_msg0216 84 Us Blades never change, and we fade away all too suddenly.
61 kizunatalk082_msg0217 84 I guess that's why I kind of admire the natural, fleeting beauty you humans have.
62 kizunatalk082_msg0218 84 I'm glad you're my Driver, hon. I can already imagine how gracefully you'll age over the years.
63 kizunatalk082_msg0219 84 I almost can't wait to see it! Hahaha.