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1 kizunatalk081_msg0001 84 Something wrong, Agate?
2 kizunatalk081_msg0002 84 What's up, Agate?
3 kizunatalk081_msg0003 84 Is everything OK, Agate?
4 kizunatalk081_msg0004 84 What's the deal, Agate?
5 kizunatalk081_msg0005 84 Take a look at this.
6 kizunatalk081_msg0006 84 ...The walls and floors of these ruins... What do you think they're made of?
7 kizunatalk081_msg0007 84 Just rocks?
8 kizunatalk081_msg0008 84 I thought so too, at first. Just regular stone, hewn and stacked, right? But...
9 kizunatalk081_msg0009 84 With natural materials, processed and put together, you'd expect some flaws, some deformations somewhere...
10 kizunatalk081_msg0010 84 And with this ruin shooting up into the sky like this...even small variations at ground level would cause it to tilt over.
11 kizunatalk081_msg0011 84 So how do you think it was made?
12 kizunatalk081_msg0012 84 What's your theory, then?
13 kizunatalk081_msg0013 84 In that case, what do you think is the origin?
14 kizunatalk081_msg0014 84 So how do you reckon it got made?
15 kizunatalk081_msg0015 84 Well, the treated blocks were stacked up into the sky, with perfect accuracy and no errors. That much is true.
16 kizunatalk081_msg0016 84 But the strength of it is unparalleled.
17 kizunatalk081_msg0017 84 Over hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of years, the walls and floors didn't break or become brittle...
18 kizunatalk081_msg0019 84 Amazing work by people from age past!
19 kizunatalk081_msg0020 84 At our level of technology, it's unimaginable.
20 kizunatalk081_msg0021 84 I marvel at the minerals and materials used to create this site, though I don't pretend to understand them...
21 kizunatalk081_msg0022 84 The whole World Tree is a mystery, for sure...
22 kizunatalk081_msg0023 165 What should I say?
23 kizunatalk081_msg0024 164 You sound pretty thrilled.
24 kizunatalk081_msg0025 164 No bugs around here, eh?
25 kizunatalk081_msg0026 165 What should I say?
26 kizunatalk081_msg0027 164 You seem pretty excited.
27 kizunatalk081_msg0028 164 Seems relatively bug-free.
28 kizunatalk081_msg0029 165 How shall I proceed?
29 kizunatalk081_msg0030 164 You seem quite thrilled.
30 kizunatalk081_msg0031 164 There don't seem to be any bugs here.
31 kizunatalk081_msg0032 165 What do I say now?
32 kizunatalk081_msg0033 164 Someone sounds excited!
33 kizunatalk081_msg0034 164 No bugs here, eh...?
34 kizunatalk081_msg0101 84 Obviously!
35 kizunatalk081_msg0102 84 I'm curious about the construction, of course, but more than that, I love the adventure of it!
36 kizunatalk081_msg0103 84 Just thinking about the ancient people who built this place, about their hopes and dreams...
37 kizunatalk081_msg0104 84 And these symbols I can't read... Are they knowledge? Are they a warning?
38 kizunatalk081_msg0105 84 All these objects made of materials I've never seen before!
39 kizunatalk081_msg0106 84 Just being here makes me feel so alive, makes my mind soar!
40 kizunatalk081_msg0107 84 I understand completely!
41 kizunatalk081_msg0108 84 Yeah, I think I know what you mean.
42 kizunatalk081_msg0109 84 Hah... I feel like I understand.
43 kizunatalk081_msg0110 84 I get that! Bang on.
44 kizunatalk081_msg0111 84 I can't even imagine how many people had to work on making a building as enormous as this one...
45 kizunatalk081_msg0112 84 Even just this wall probably took dozens of people hours, if not days...
46 kizunatalk081_msg0113 84 All of these people's blood, sweat and tears, sealed in these walls of stone.
47 kizunatalk081_msg0114 84 This place stands as a testament to the wills of those who came before.
48 kizunatalk081_msg0115 84 This place is like a crystallization of the ancients' wills.
49 kizunatalk081_msg0116 84 That would make this place a crystallization of their wills.
50 kizunatalk081_msg0117 84 So this place is like a testament to the wills of the ancient people.
51 kizunatalk081_msg0118 84 Hah, that's a nice way to put it.
52 kizunatalk081_msg0119 84 But yes, this wonderful lasting tribute is one of a kind on Alrest.
53 kizunatalk081_msg0120 84 We should make sure to search the ruins thoroughly and find all we can about the ancient inhabitants!
54 kizunatalk081_msg0201 84 Hey! You almost sound disappointed!
55 kizunatalk081_msg0202 84 I for one am quite glad that the inside of the World Tree is a bug-free zone!
56 kizunatalk081_msg0203 84 You know, since it's called a tree, I was afraid there might be all sorts of creepy crawlies nesting here...
57 kizunatalk081_msg0204 84 Oh, is that why you were exploring so happily?
58 kizunatalk081_msg0205 84 So that's why you were so cheerful while exploring!
59 kizunatalk081_msg0206 84 Is that why your spirits were so high?
60 kizunatalk081_msg0207 84 Ah, so that's why you're so bloody jolly!
61 kizunatalk081_msg0208 84 Exactly!
62 kizunatalk081_msg0209 84 I love minerals, like, a lot! And I hate bugs about the same amount...
63 kizunatalk081_msg0210 84 In fact, I think that the more I love geology, the more I hate bugs.
64 kizunatalk081_msg0211 84 That's a lot of hate then. I wonder how you'd handle diving in the Cloud Sea...
65 kizunatalk081_msg0212 84 I fail to see the connection...
66 kizunatalk081_msg0213 84 That' interesting rationalization.
67 kizunatalk081_msg0214 84 That's a hell of a theory...
68 kizunatalk081_msg0215 84 Sorry to keep Masterpon waiting!
69 kizunatalk081_msg0216 84 Ah, Poppi, just in time! Masterpon starving.
70 kizunatalk081_msg0217 84 Poppi collected only best ingredients.
71 kizunatalk081_msg0218 84 What could you possibly collect in a place like this...?
72 kizunatalk081_msg0219 84 What did you find?
73 kizunatalk081_msg0220 84 Whatcha got, then? Can I have some?
74 kizunatalk081_msg0221 84 What have you found?
75 kizunatalk081_msg0222 84 So, what's for dinner then? I want some too!
76 kizunatalk081_msg0223 84 Is delicacy when fried! Jabara Bugs!
77 kizunatalk081_msg0224 84 Get them awayyyyyy!!!