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1 kizunatalk080_msg0001 84 Hey, Vale! Is something up?
2 kizunatalk080_msg0002 84 You're not sick are you?
3 kizunatalk080_msg0003 84 Hey, Vale! What's up?
4 kizunatalk080_msg0004 84 You'd better not be sick!
5 kizunatalk080_msg0005 84 Vale. Still fighting fit, I hope.
6 kizunatalk080_msg0006 84 Yo! Vale! What's going down?
7 kizunatalk080_msg0007 84 Are you sick? By which I mean, "ill".
8 kizunatalk080_msg0008 84 Vale! Sun already up!
9 kizunatalk080_msg0009 84 Wakey-wakey!
10 kizunatalk080_msg0010 84 Is something wrong?
11 kizunatalk080_msg0011 84 Vale not wakey-wake.
12 kizunatalk080_msg0012 84 Maybe...
13 kizunatalk080_msg0013 84 I mean, I do remember her saying she wasn't much of a morning person. Maybe she's still sleeping.
14 kizunatalk080_msg0014 84 Should I go and wake her up?
15 kizunatalk080_msg0015 84 Yeah, OK.
16 kizunatalk080_msg0016 84 Yeah. Do it.
17 kizunatalk080_msg0017 84 Yes. Please do.
18 kizunatalk080_msg0018 84 Yeah, get that sleepyhead out of bed!
19 kizunatalk080_msg0019 84 Uh... W-what's...happening...?
20 kizunatalk080_msg0020 84 Well, she's conscious, but she doesn't exactly look...awake...
21 kizunatalk080_msg0021 84 Ughhh... Can you stop making such a racket when I'm trying to sleep?
22 kizunatalk080_msg0022 84 How long were you planning to keep dozing? C'mon, it's morning already!
23 kizunatalk080_msg0023 84 We need to get ready to go.
24 kizunatalk080_msg0024 84 C'mon, sleeping beauty. Wake up and smell the coffee.
25 kizunatalk080_msg0025 84 And get your arse in gear!
26 kizunatalk080_msg0026 84 Plenty of time to sleep when you're dead.
27 kizunatalk080_msg0027 84 The sun's up. Time to get ready to move out.
28 kizunatalk080_msg0028 84 How long are you going to sleep for, kiddo?
29 kizunatalk080_msg0029 84 C'mon. Out of bed. Embrace the day.
30 kizunatalk080_msg0030 84 Huh? Morning? Seriously?
31 kizunatalk080_msg0031 84 Nah. I'm going to sleep for a bit longer, thanks.
32 kizunatalk080_msg0032 84 Hey! Don't go back to sleep!
33 kizunatalk080_msg0033 84 Oh no you don't! Come on, up you get!
34 kizunatalk080_msg0034 84 Vale. It's time to get up, I said.
35 kizunatalk080_msg0035 84 Hey! What's wrong with you! Naptime's over!
36 kizunatalk080_msg0036 84 It's morning? So what. There's a new one every single day, y'know.
37 kizunatalk080_msg0037 84 I didn't get to sleep till the sun came up. Leave me to it, will you.
38 kizunatalk080_msg0038 165 What should I ask her...?
39 kizunatalk080_msg0039 164 Vale, why are you so terrible at getting up?
40 kizunatalk080_msg0040 164 Why didn't you get to sleep until morning?
41 kizunatalk080_msg0041 165 What should I ask her...?
42 kizunatalk080_msg0042 164 Vale, what is it with you and mornings?
43 kizunatalk080_msg0043 164 What kept you up so late?
44 kizunatalk080_msg0044 165 What should I ask her...?
45 kizunatalk080_msg0045 164 How come you're such a weakling when it comes to mornings?
46 kizunatalk080_msg0046 164 Why were you so late to bed?
47 kizunatalk080_msg0047 165 What should I ask her...?
48 kizunatalk080_msg0048 164 How come you're such a lazybones in the morning?
49 kizunatalk080_msg0049 164 What kept you up so late?
50 kizunatalk080_msg0050 84 Uh?
51 kizunatalk080_msg0051 84 Well, thing is, I'm actually a... a nightstalker.
52 kizunatalk080_msg0052 84 ?!
53 kizunatalk080_msg0053 84 Wow! A nightstalker! Tora amazed!
54 kizunatalk080_msg0054 84 So does Vale have special reaction to sunlight?
55 kizunatalk080_msg0055 84 Yup. Sunlight has this strange effect on me. I lose power. I disappear.
56 kizunatalk080_msg0056 84 Wow! Awesome!
57 kizunatalk080_msg0057 84 Yes! Awesome!
58 kizunatalk080_msg0058 84 That's the deal. So you'd better let me get some sleep.
59 kizunatalk080_msg0059 84 Thing is, there's this thing inside me. The Geist Chevalier.
60 kizunatalk080_msg0060 84 You'd better be careful. It can run riot.
61 kizunatalk080_msg0061 84 Geist Chevalier?
62 kizunatalk080_msg0062 84 Run riot?
63 kizunatalk080_msg0063 84 That's right. If I don't get enough rest, then I can't control it. So if you don't want it to go crazy...
64 kizunatalk080_msg0064 84's naptime.
65 kizunatalk080_msg0065 84 Hey! That won't wash! It's time to go!
66 kizunatalk080_msg0066 84 Hey! That nonsense won't work. C'mon!
67 kizunatalk080_msg0067 84 Very funny. Time to go!
68 kizunatalk080_msg0068 84 Vale, if you don't get your butt in gear, we're leaving without you.
69 kizunatalk080_msg0069 84 Hmph... Worth a try.
70 kizunatalk080_msg0070 84 I had this kind of secret meeting thing in the night.
71 kizunatalk080_msg0071 84 Secret meeting, huh?
72 kizunatalk080_msg0072 84 Yep. I met up with some buddies. We got into some pretty dark magical summoning stuff.
73 kizunatalk080_msg0073 84 Ah, now I get it. You met up with your girlfriends and spent the night chatting?
74 kizunatalk080_msg0074 84 N-no! It was a really important magic thing.
75 kizunatalk080_msg0075 84 That's not what Mythra told me.
76 kizunatalk080_msg0076 84 She said you were having a little chat-fest with everyone.
77 kizunatalk080_msg0077 84 Ah! Mythra! Why'd you snitch on me?! Big mouth...
78 kizunatalk080_msg0078 84 ...What kind of stuff friends talk about, anyway?
79 kizunatalk080_msg0079 84 Uh...never mind.
80 kizunatalk080_msg0080 62 ※削除
81 kizunatalk080_msg0081 84 Let me see... You were just talking about what your favorite dessert was, right?
82 kizunatalk080_msg0082 84 Mythra! Argh! Why I'm gonna...
83 kizunatalk080_msg0083 84 Mythra? Are you in there? Or is it just Pyra?
84 kizunatalk080_msg0084 84 Well, whatever! Both of you are on pretty thin ice right now!
85 kizunatalk080_msg0085 84 Vale, if you don't come along now, I'm going to tell them the rest...
86 kizunatalk080_msg0086 84 That's from Mythra.
87 kizunatalk080_msg0087 84 Urgh... Wait! Wait. I got it. I'm coming! I'm coming, OK?!
88 kizunatalk080_msg0088 84 Just don't say anything else...