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1 kizunatalk079_msg0001 84 So, you have awakened the sealed Blade.
2 kizunatalk079_msg0002 84 Your Majesty...
3 kizunatalk079_msg0003 84 Your Majesty...
4 kizunatalk079_msg0004 84 King Eulogimenos...
5 kizunatalk079_msg0005 84 Old man...
6 kizunatalk079_msg0006 84 It's been quite some time since I last saw this place.
7 kizunatalk079_msg0007 84 We used to play here as children, you know...
8 kizunatalk079_msg0008 84 ...
9 kizunatalk079_msg0009 84 Tell me, do you know why it is that Theospiti Temple was destroyed?
10 kizunatalk079_msg0010 84 I haven't a clue.
11 kizunatalk079_msg0011 84 Beats me.
12 kizunatalk079_msg0012 84 I'm afraid I do not.
13 kizunatalk079_msg0013 84 I know it's been in ruins since forever, but no one ever told me why.
14 kizunatalk079_msg0014 84 It's because a Blade went berserk.
15 kizunatalk079_msg0015 84 They say that the Blade was so powerful, its Driver couldn't hope to control it.
16 kizunatalk079_msg0016 84 There was nothing anyone could do. The incident was resolved when the Driver took their own life.
17 kizunatalk079_msg0017 84 With that, the Blade was sealed within its Core Crystal.
18 kizunatalk079_msg0018 84 And as a warning to future generations, it was buried here in the temple where the tragedy took place.
19 kizunatalk079_msg0019 84 You mean, the Blade that went berserk is...
20 kizunatalk079_msg0020 84 You mean, the Blade that went berserk is...
21 kizunatalk079_msg0021 84 You mean, the Blade that went berserk is...
22 kizunatalk079_msg0022 84 You mean, the Blade that went berserk is...
23 kizunatalk079_msg0023 84 Your suspicions are correct. The Blade was Herald.
24 kizunatalk079_msg0024 84 I have no memory of the event... But I believe it to be true.
25 kizunatalk079_msg0025 84 At times, I feel something.
26 kizunatalk079_msg0026 84 A kind of...limitless power, dwelling within me.
27 kizunatalk079_msg0027 84 Your Majesty, you may punish me however you see fit.
28 kizunatalk079_msg0028 84 Even if it means breaking my Core Crystal into a thousand pieces and burying me for all eternity.
29 kizunatalk079_msg0029 165 How should I answer Herald?
30 kizunatalk079_msg0030 164 I'll respect your decision.
31 kizunatalk079_msg0031 164 I'll keep you in check.
32 kizunatalk079_msg0032 165 How should I answer Herald?
33 kizunatalk079_msg0033 164 I'll respect your decision.
34 kizunatalk079_msg0034 164 I'll keep you in check.
35 kizunatalk079_msg0035 165 How should I answer Herald?
36 kizunatalk079_msg0036 164 I'll respect your decision.
37 kizunatalk079_msg0037 164 I'll keep you in check.
38 kizunatalk079_msg0038 165 How should I answer Herald?
39 kizunatalk079_msg0039 164 I'll respect your decision.
40 kizunatalk079_msg0040 164 I'll keep you in check.
41 kizunatalk079_msg0101 84 Thank you.
42 kizunatalk079_msg0102 84 Well then, Your Majesty.
43 kizunatalk079_msg0103 84 Wait. I think it is a little early to pronounce judgment just yet.
44 kizunatalk079_msg0104 84 And if the legends speak truth, you, Herald, could be a valuable asset in the wars to come.
45 kizunatalk079_msg0105 84 Now, your Driver is the bearer of great aptitude and strength.
46 kizunatalk079_msg0106 84 Above all else, they possess an unyielding will.
47 kizunatalk079_msg0107 84 And need we mention that they are acting alongside the Aegis?
48 kizunatalk079_msg0108 84 Your Driver today is the very opposite of your Driver of yesteryear. You will not run wild.
49 kizunatalk079_msg0109 84 So, I did not come here today to seal you away.
50 kizunatalk079_msg0110 84 No, all I ask is that you wield your power as you see fit, and that you serve your Driver well.
51 kizunatalk079_msg0111 84 ...
52 kizunatalk079_msg0112 84 Herald...?
53 kizunatalk079_msg0113 84 Herald...?
54 kizunatalk079_msg0114 84 Herald...?
55 kizunatalk079_msg0115 84 Herald...?
56 kizunatalk079_msg0116 84 Understood.
57 kizunatalk079_msg0117 84 If that's what it takes to repent for my sins, then so be it.
58 kizunatalk079_msg0118 84 Dear, oh dear. It seems it's going to take a while for her to understand.
59 kizunatalk079_msg0119 84 Take care of her.
60 kizunatalk079_msg0120 84 Sure. You can count on me!
61 kizunatalk079_msg0121 84 Sure. You can count on me!
62 kizunatalk079_msg0122 84 Leave it to me, Your Majesty.
63 kizunatalk079_msg0123 84 Sure. You can count on me!
64 kizunatalk079_msg0201 84 Rex...
65 kizunatalk079_msg0202 84 Nia...
66 kizunatalk079_msg0203 84 Mòrag...
67 kizunatalk079_msg0204 84 Zeke...
68 kizunatalk079_msg0205 84 Ha ha! Just as I thought.
69 kizunatalk079_msg0206 84 Listen well, Herald.
70 kizunatalk079_msg0207 84 I believe your Driver trusts you deeply.
71 kizunatalk079_msg0208 84 And I trust your Driver just the same.
72 kizunatalk079_msg0209 84 Even if you had some recollection of the past, you need not dwell on it.
73 kizunatalk079_msg0210 84 Don't let yourself be chained to the past. Become your Driver's strength.
74 kizunatalk079_msg0211 84 That's all I ask.
75 kizunatalk079_msg0212 84 But still, I have to atone somehow...
76 kizunatalk079_msg0213 84 I understand how you feel, but you must remember that there are many ways to atone for one's sins.
77 kizunatalk079_msg0214 84 Aiding your Driver in the fierce battles to come is one such way.
78 kizunatalk079_msg0215 84 You think so...?
79 kizunatalk079_msg0216 84 Yeah, we need you, Herald.
80 kizunatalk079_msg0217 84 Don't trap yourself in the past. Come with us. We'll fight together.
81 kizunatalk079_msg0218 84 Yeah, we need you, Herald.
82 kizunatalk079_msg0219 84 No point crying over spilled milk. Come with us. Fight with us!
83 kizunatalk079_msg0220 84 That's right. We need you, Herald.
84 kizunatalk079_msg0221 84 The past is the past. You should leave it behind and fight at our side.
85 kizunatalk079_msg0222 84 Yeah, we need you, Herald.
86 kizunatalk079_msg0223 84 What happened, happened. But now, we want you on our side. Come with us!
87 kizunatalk079_msg0224 84 ...All right.
88 kizunatalk079_msg0225 84 I'll try.
89 kizunatalk079_msg0226 84 Worry not. Whatever happens, just remember: you have an esteemed Driver by your side.
90 kizunatalk079_msg0227 84 Your Majesty...thank you.
91 kizunatalk079_msg0228 84 Think nothing of it. I expect great things of you.