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1 kizunatalk074_msg0001 84 This is the place.
2 kizunatalk074_msg0002 84 Hello, friend! What you looking for today?
3 kizunatalk074_msg0003 84 Well, I heard you might have got your hands on some ancient tomes or history books recently...
4 kizunatalk074_msg0004 84 Friend must have good sources!
5 kizunatalk074_msg0005 84 We obtain very rare books recently. Many books you find nowhere else.
6 kizunatalk074_msg0006 84 Ooh, don't say that. You'll start getting me excited!
7 kizunatalk074_msg0007 84 Please take time and look around. Pelala think you be satisfied!
8 kizunatalk074_msg0008 84 You couldn't stop me if you tried. Now, let's see what we have here...
9 kizunatalk074_msg0009 84 Wow, it's not just books. You've even got stone tablets and scrolls!
10 kizunatalk074_msg0010 84 Ooh, what's this?! A history of Ardainian architecture!
11 kizunatalk074_msg0011 84 I've never seen anything quite like this before. It sets my curiosity tingling!
12 kizunatalk074_msg0012 84 Hello, Pelala. You obtain book I ask for, me hopes?
13 kizunatalk074_msg0014 84 Ah, always a pleasure to be at service of friend!
14 kizunatalk074_msg0015 84 Book you ask for should be arrived recently. Pelala see...
15 kizunatalk074_msg0016 84 Ah, there you see! Girl over there holding book right now.
16 kizunatalk074_msg0017 84 What's this now?
17 kizunatalk074_msg0018 84 Awfully sorry to bother friend.
18 kizunatalk074_msg0019 84 That there is book I looking for. Hand over now, please.
19 kizunatalk074_msg0020 84 Hmm? Sorry, but I'm quite interested in this one myself.
20 kizunatalk074_msg0021 84 Many apology, but me request this book specially before you.
21 kizunatalk074_msg0022 84 Now give book here.
22 kizunatalk074_msg0023 84 I don't think so. I picked it up before you did!
23 kizunatalk074_msg0024 84 Friend is big dumdum. That book belong to me!
24 kizunatalk074_msg0025 84 Excuse me? Who are you calling a dumdum?
25 kizunatalk074_msg0026 84 Do you have any idea who you're speaking to?
26 kizunatalk074_msg0027 84 Me have no clue who you are. Not care either.
27 kizunatalk074_msg0028 84 Now hurry up and hand book over!
28 kizunatalk074_msg0029 84 You really don't know how to ask for a favor, do you? All right, tell you what. I'll give you your precious book.
29 kizunatalk074_msg0030 84 As well you should! See, it not so hard to be-
30 kizunatalk074_msg0031 84 However! That's only if you manage to beat me in a test of knowledge!
31 kizunatalk074_msg0032 84 Meh-meh? You think you cleverer than me?
32 kizunatalk074_msg0033 84 Very foolish girl... But so be it! I not back down from challenge!
33 kizunatalk074_msg0101 84 Good. Then we'll need a subject category.
34 kizunatalk074_msg0102 84 Must get fair impartial opinion. Let us ask Driver over there to choose!
35 kizunatalk074_msg0034 165 What would be a good topic?
36 kizunatalk074_msg0035 164 How about the history of Argentum?
37 kizunatalk074_msg0036 164 How about the history of Uraya?
38 kizunatalk074_msg0103 165 What would be a good topic?
39 kizunatalk074_msg0104 164 The history of Argentum, of course.
40 kizunatalk074_msg0105 164 The history of Uraya, of course.
41 kizunatalk074_msg0106 165 What would be a good topic?
42 kizunatalk074_msg0107 164 The history of Argentum, perhaps?
43 kizunatalk074_msg0108 164 The history of Uraya, perhaps?
44 kizunatalk074_msg0109 165 What would be a good topic?
45 kizunatalk074_msg0110 164 The history of Argentum, I reckon.
46 kizunatalk074_msg0111 164 The history of Uraya, I reckon.
47 kizunatalk074_msg0201 84 Ah yes, a wonderful idea! Then shall we begin?
48 kizunatalk074_msg0037 84 It is said that Argentum was originally founded by a Nopon merchant, yes?
49 kizunatalk074_msg0038 84 Even littlepon know that. Was not just merchant, either. Was Driver, too.
50 kizunatalk074_msg0039 84 Indeed. So, this Nopon Driver...
51 kizunatalk074_msg0040 84 Are you aware of how he used his Blade not as a tool of war, but as a trade associate?
52 kizunatalk074_msg0041 84 Wartime was very chaotic time. Argentum founder used Blade's power to great effect...
53 kizunatalk074_msg0042 84 He go to crisis areas affected by strife or disaster, and form trading links where none exist. Very profitable.
54 kizunatalk074_msg0043 84 And that not all. Argentum founder...
55 kizunatalk074_msg0044 84 said to be descended from none other than Captain Nopopon.
56 kizunatalk074_msg0045 84 Captain Nopopon was legendary sailor who conquer all of Cloud Sea.
57 kizunatalk074_msg0047 84 Also said to have founded what later become Nopon Trade Guild.
58 kizunatalk074_msg0202 84 Considering the feats of his ancestor...
59 kizunatalk074_msg0203 84 It is perhaps no wonder that this Nopon Driver went on to found the Argentum Trade Guild.
60 kizunatalk074_msg0301 84 Very good. Then we begin!
61 kizunatalk074_msg0048 84 The modern nation of Uraya...
62 kizunatalk074_msg0049 84 governed by six great noble lines, foremost among them the Duchy of Selosia.
63 kizunatalk074_msg0050 84 But long time ago, was governed by not six noble houses but nine!
64 kizunatalk074_msg0051 84 Among those nine was Duchy of Envia, which hold power near equal to that of Selosia.
65 kizunatalk074_msg0052 84 But the leader of Envia, a man named Hannes, died suddenly in mysterious circumstances...
66 kizunatalk074_msg0053 84 So eldest son Giani take over Duchy, but he too soon die of illness.
67 kizunatalk074_msg0054 84 Next in line was Giani's younger brother Philip, but he too died of illness before his twentieth birthday.
68 kizunatalk074_msg0055 84 Thus Duchy of Envia fall from power...
69 kizunatalk074_msg0056 84 And Duchy of Selosia unite other noble houses, claiming title of King of Uraya.
70 kizunatalk074_msg0057 84 Many mysteries yet remain surrounding the deaths of the Envian heirs...
71 kizunatalk074_msg0058 84 Many still suspect foul play from other noble lines, yes.
72 kizunatalk074_msg0059 84 But the tale does not end there.
73 kizunatalk074_msg0060 84 Indeed! Prior to sudden death, Hannes, original leader of Envia, secretly had child with Gormotti woman.
74 kizunatalk074_msg0061 84 And it is often claimed that their descendants live on to this day, somewhere in Gormott.
75 kizunatalk074_msg0062 84 If this theory were to be proven...
76 kizunatalk074_msg0063 84 Could threaten very existence of current Urayan royal line!
77 kizunatalk074_msg0064 84 I must say, I'm impressed. Your knowledge extends much further than I gave you credit for.
78 kizunatalk074_msg0065 84 Such flattering. I just as impressed with your knowledge!
79 kizunatalk074_msg0066 84 Not many people out there who able to keep up with my history discussions.
80 kizunatalk074_msg0067 84 Shall we consider this a draw?
81 kizunatalk074_msg0068 84 Certainly, certainly. Could not possibly decide winner after such fine showing.
82 kizunatalk074_msg0069 84 Sooooo... Who will be buying book then?
83 kizunatalk074_msg0070 84 I let friend have this book.
84 kizunatalk074_msg0071 84 Huh?
85 kizunatalk074_msg0072 84 To be read by such fine intellectual... What more could this book ask for?
86 kizunatalk074_msg0073 84 Thank you. I'll take good care of it.
87 kizunatalk074_msg0074 84 And if we have opportunity, would like to have heated discussion again!
88 kizunatalk074_msg0075 84 As would I. I'll try to expand my knowledge even further by the next time we meet!
89 kizunatalk074_msg0076 84 Well, looks like I'll be buying this.
90 kizunatalk074_msg0077 84 Thanks very much! Book cost 70,000G.
91 kizunatalk074_msg0078 84 Wow, that's surprisingly affordable...
92 kizunatalk074_msg0079 84 Oh, shoot.
93 kizunatalk074_msg0401 84 I'm clean out of cash.