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1 kizunatalk073_msg0001 84 ...There's no reason I should recognize this place...
2 kizunatalk073_msg0002 84 So what is this I feel...?
3 kizunatalk073_msg0003 84 This tugging in my breast... I can't shake this sense of...
4 kizunatalk073_msg0004 84 Vess?!
5 kizunatalk073_msg0005 84 You're Vess, aren't you?
6 kizunatalk073_msg0006 84 Hm?
7 kizunatalk073_msg0007 84 So you've come back!
8 kizunatalk073_msg0008 84 Daddy'd be so happy...
9 kizunatalk073_msg0009 84 ...Oh, um... Who might you be?
10 kizunatalk073_msg0010 84 Huh?!
11 kizunatalk073_msg0011 84 What're you talking about? Don't you recognize us?
12 kizunatalk073_msg0012 84 Vess doesn't remember any more.
13 kizunatalk073_msg0013 84 Vess's not got memories from before.
14 kizunatalk073_msg0014 84 Vess doesn't remember her past.
15 kizunatalk073_msg0015 84 Vess's forgotten her old life.
16 kizunatalk073_msg0016 84 I see... So Vess's memories got wiped after Daddy passed away...
17 kizunatalk073_msg0017 84 And so you're her new Driver now?
18 kizunatalk073_msg0018 84 Oh, yeah. The old man, well, entrusted her to us...
19 kizunatalk073_msg0019 84 Right. You could say the old man left her to us...
20 kizunatalk073_msg0020 84 Yes, indeed.
21 kizunatalk073_msg0021 84 Mhm, right.
22 kizunatalk073_msg0022 84 Well then, it's a relief that her new Driver is a nice person.
23 kizunatalk073_msg0023 84 It's nice. Daddy would be happy knowing you're taking care of her.
24 kizunatalk073_msg0024 165 You two are...?
25 kizunatalk073_msg0025 164 You belong to this household, right?
26 kizunatalk073_msg0026 164 You knew my old self?
27 kizunatalk073_msg0101 84 This is the house our daddy used to live in.
28 kizunatalk073_msg0102 84 But just the other day, he moved on from this life...
29 kizunatalk073_msg0103 84 We haven't been back in a while, but we needed to make arrangements...
30 kizunatalk073_msg0104 84 Ah, I see. I'm sorry for your loss...
31 kizunatalk073_msg0105 84 Can I help you in any way?
32 kizunatalk073_msg0106 84 No, but I really appreciate you saying that.
33 kizunatalk073_msg0107 84 May I ask though, why did you come here?
34 kizunatalk073_msg0108 84 That's... I couldn't really tell you.
35 kizunatalk073_msg0109 84 But when I saw this house, I felt a warm wash of nostalgia...
36 kizunatalk073_msg0110 84 Is that right...?
37 kizunatalk073_msg0111 84 I think whoever lived here must have been a great person.
38 kizunatalk073_msg0112 84 Why do you say that?
39 kizunatalk073_msg0113 84 Well, I...know it from looking at you two.
40 kizunatalk073_msg0114 84 After all, he raised a pair of wonderful children like you.
41 kizunatalk073_msg0115 84 It's the sure mark of a great person.
42 kizunatalk073_msg0116 84 ...No, our daddy was just a regular guy.
43 kizunatalk073_msg0117 84 The real great person here was the one who raised us after our ma died.
44 kizunatalk073_msg0118 84 Kinder and warmer than Ma ever was...
45 kizunatalk073_msg0119 84 Where is that person now?
46 kizunatalk073_msg0120 84 ...Taking care of important business, I hear.
47 kizunatalk073_msg0121 84 But we hope to meet them again, once that's done.
48 kizunatalk073_msg0122 84 We'll have so much to talk about.
49 kizunatalk073_msg0123 84 I see. Well, I think that's good.
50 kizunatalk073_msg0124 84 I'm sure they will be happy to.
51 kizunatalk073_msg0201 84 Yeah.
52 kizunatalk073_msg0202 84 We owe you a lot, from before.
53 kizunatalk073_msg0203 84 I'm glad I was able to meet you.
54 kizunatalk073_msg0204 84 That's nice...
55 kizunatalk073_msg0205 84 So before my latest awakening, this is where I lived...
56 kizunatalk073_msg0206 84 So, whose house is this?
57 kizunatalk073_msg0207 84 It belongs to our daddy. But he passed away recently...
58 kizunatalk073_msg0208 84 ...So your father would have known me, right?
59 kizunatalk073_msg0209 84 Daddy didn't just know you.
60 kizunatalk073_msg0210 84 He relied on you for pretty much everything.
61 kizunatalk073_msg0211 84 I think he'd be happy you came today. Wherever he is now...
62 kizunatalk073_msg0212 84 Ah, I'm sorry if I offend. I don't have any memory of that time...
63 kizunatalk073_msg0213 84 I'm sorry about everything.
64 kizunatalk073_msg0214 84 It's fine, Vess. Please, think no more of it.
65 kizunatalk073_msg0215 84 We're very happy you came today, regardless.
66 kizunatalk073_msg0216 84 I almost forgot! Here, dumplings.
67 kizunatalk073_msg0217 84 They may not be the best of offerings, but, well...
68 kizunatalk073_msg0218 84 In any case, they're freshly made. Please, help yourselves.
69 kizunatalk073_msg0219 84 ...Dumplings...
70 kizunatalk073_msg0220 84 It's been a while...
71 kizunatalk073_msg0221 84 I may have no memories, but this is the least I can do...
72 kizunatalk073_msg0222 84 Not at all. This is perfect. Thank you.
73 kizunatalk073_msg0223 84 Um... Would you mind terribly if I visited again sometime...?
74 kizunatalk073_msg0224 84 Of course we wouldn't mind! This is your home too, after all.