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1 kizunatalk071_msg0001 84 We here, Nim.
2 kizunatalk071_msg0002 84 Hey, Tora, what do you do here?
3 kizunatalk071_msg0003 84 Here is for talk to Titan Archelon!
4 kizunatalk071_msg0004 84 You can talk to Titans? Tora, that's amazing!
5 kizunatalk071_msg0005 84 Not just Tora. Nim can do too.
6 kizunatalk071_msg0006 84 What?! No way I can talk to a Titan!
7 kizunatalk071_msg0007 84 I once tried to talk to the Maelstrom's Titan and it just tried to eat me!
8 kizunatalk071_msg0008 84 That because Maelstrom Titan only speak Nopon.
9 kizunatalk071_msg0009 84 What, really?
10 kizunatalk071_msg0010 84 Archelon hear Ardainian every day.
11 kizunatalk071_msg0011 84 So you mean that if we talk to him normally, he'll understand?
12 kizunatalk071_msg0012 84 Exactly.
13 kizunatalk071_msg0013 84 Come to think about it, maybe Nim having problems because Nim speaking wrong language.
14 kizunatalk071_msg0014 84 Ohh, hmm...
15 kizunatalk071_msg0021 165 What should I say to Nim?
16 kizunatalk071_msg0022 164 Give it a go, Nim! You know you want to.
17 kizunatalk071_msg0023 164 What's in your heart is more important than the language you speak.
18 kizunatalk071_msg0024 165 What should I say to Nim?
19 kizunatalk071_msg0025 164 Give it a go. You never know until you try.
20 kizunatalk071_msg0026 164 Words don't mean anything. It's feelings that really count.
21 kizunatalk071_msg0027 165 What should I say to Nim?
22 kizunatalk071_msg0028 164 You should give it a go. You never know unless you try.
23 kizunatalk071_msg0029 164 I believe that feelings speak louder than words.
24 kizunatalk071_msg0030 165 What should I say to Nim?
25 kizunatalk071_msg0031 164 Go on, give it a go! It's a challenge!
26 kizunatalk071_msg0032 164 What really matters is how you feel, not what language you speak.
27 kizunatalk071_msg0101 84 You're right. I shouldn't shy away from a challenge!
28 kizunatalk071_msg0102 84 Here we go!
29 kizunatalk071_msg0103 84 Uhh... Mr. Archelon? My name is Nim. Very nice to meet you, sir.
30 kizunatalk071_msg0104 84 ...
31 kizunatalk071_msg0105 84 You must be angry at the Ardainians for remodeling you like this.
32 kizunatalk071_msg0106 84 Nobody likes to be forced into stuff...
33 kizunatalk071_msg0107 84 I bet you just want to be left alone in peace, right?
34 kizunatalk071_msg0108 84 Doesn't look like he can understand you.
35 kizunatalk071_msg0109 84 Guess he can't understand you.
36 kizunatalk071_msg0110 84 I don't think he's getting it.
37 kizunatalk071_msg0111 84 Was something supposed to happen?
38 kizunatalk071_msg0112 84 Aw...
39 kizunatalk071_msg0113 84 Well, whether he can hear me or not, how is he supposed to respond?
40 kizunatalk071_msg0114 84 ?
41 kizunatalk071_msg0115 84 The Ardainians used this technology to rip away his ability to speak!
42 kizunatalk071_msg0116 84 Curse the Empire!
43 kizunatalk071_msg0117 84 No, no, I don't think it's that, Nim.
44 kizunatalk071_msg0118 84 I'm pretty sure that's not it.
45 kizunatalk071_msg0119 84 Please believe me when I say that the Empire would never do that.
46 kizunatalk071_msg0120 84 His tongue is still attached, isn't it? Even the Empire would never do that.
47 kizunatalk071_msg0121 84 Maybe I was mistaken.
48 kizunatalk071_msg0122 84 I thought I was right, but I was just wrong again.
49 kizunatalk071_msg0123 84 Tora is sorry.
50 kizunatalk071_msg0124 84 Tora think all night to come up with this method, but it was no good.
51 kizunatalk071_msg0125 84 Better luck next time, Nim!
52 kizunatalk071_msg0126 84 One day you'll be able to talk to animals and Titans, Nim.
53 kizunatalk071_msg0127 84 If you keep trying, someday you'll succeed.
54 kizunatalk071_msg0128 84 Keep at it! As long as your heart stays strong, there's nothing you can't do!
55 kizunatalk071_msg0129 84 Thanks for the kind words!
56 kizunatalk071_msg0130 84 I might not have been able to talk to Archelon, but I feel like I got closer to all of you.
57 kizunatalk071_msg0131 84 I'm gonna keep challenging myself, and try to live up to your expectations!
58 kizunatalk071_msg0132 84 And someday I'll make friends with Immovable Gonzalez and we'll go on a picnic together!
59 kizunatalk071_msg0133 84 Just watch me!
60 kizunatalk071_msg0134 84 Haha, one step at a time!
61 kizunatalk071_msg0135 84 A picnic, eh? I wonder what you'd eat...
62 kizunatalk071_msg0136 84 Honestly, that seems dangerous and unlikely.
63 kizunatalk071_msg0137 84 How is he going to go on a picnic if he can't move?
64 kizunatalk071_msg0201 84 Oh! A good point...
65 kizunatalk071_msg0202 84 It's all about having mutual empathy! Not about the meaning of words.
66 kizunatalk071_msg0203 84 Why not ask Pandoria?
67 kizunatalk071_msg0204 84 Pandoria? Why?
68 kizunatalk071_msg0205 84 Pandoria can summon Tantalese Titan, so definitely have mutual empathy!
69 kizunatalk071_msg0206 84 That's right - she made Genbu rise out of the Cloud Sea!
70 kizunatalk071_msg0207 84 Good idea! Remember what she did when we went to Tantal? Could you do that?
71 kizunatalk071_msg0208 84 Hmm...I had forgotten about that. Talking to her would be a good idea.
72 kizunatalk071_msg0209 84 Great idea! Pandoria can definitely help you out!
73 kizunatalk071_msg0210 84 Pandoria, help me please!
74 kizunatalk071_msg0211 84 Yeah, but I don't think my powers will work on anyone but Genbu...
75 kizunatalk071_msg0212 84 I have to try! Would you teach me?
76 kizunatalk071_msg0213 84 Sure, whatever.
77 kizunatalk071_msg0214 84 First, place your hand on your chest.
78 kizunatalk071_msg0215 84 Allow thoughts of the Titan to swell in your mind. Then call out to it. Gently!
79 kizunatalk071_msg0216 84 One two... One two, testing... Can you hear me?
80 kizunatalk071_msg0217 84 ...
81 kizunatalk071_msg0218 84 Is anybody there? I'd like to talk to you.
82 kizunatalk071_msg0219 84 ...
83 kizunatalk071_msg0220 84 Nothing, huh?
84 kizunatalk071_msg0221 84 No reply. Ugh.
85 kizunatalk071_msg0222 84 You couldn't hear anything?
86 kizunatalk071_msg0223 84 Yes, that's what I said. I couldn't hear anything.
87 kizunatalk071_msg0224 84 Maybe it's because I don't have the right kind of ears...
88 kizunatalk071_msg0225 84 Ears?
89 kizunatalk071_msg0226 84 Yeah. Your ears are all...pointy. Mine aren't.
90 kizunatalk071_msg0227 84 Not sure that has anything to do with it, but Kit and Sunny have pointy ears.
91 kizunatalk071_msg0228 84 Oh! That's right!
92 kizunatalk071_msg0229 84 Even though they can hear the Titan, they won't share it with me! Ugh! Rude!
93 kizunatalk071_msg0234 84 I feel so betrayed!
94 kizunatalk071_msg0235 84 I didn't mean to cause any trouble... It was really just a joke.
95 kizunatalk071_msg0230 84 *sigh* Looks like there's some way to go before Nim can talk to animals.
96 kizunatalk071_msg0231 84 *sigh* Looks like there's some way to go before Nim can talk to animals.
97 kizunatalk071_msg0232 84 *sigh* Looks like there's some way to go before Nim can talk to animals.
98 kizunatalk071_msg0233 84 *sigh* Looks like there's some way to go before Nim can talk to animals.