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1 kizunatalk065_msg0001 84 There's supposed to be a totally amazing view through here!
2 kizunatalk065_msg0002 84 I'm so pumped for this!
3 kizunatalk065_msg0003 84 That interests you? I cannot say the same.
4 kizunatalk065_msg0004 84 Aw, come on, lighten up! We can go together. It'll be fun!
5 kizunatalk065_msg0005 84 You could bring an army and it would still not interest me.
6 kizunatalk065_msg0006 84 I'm going on ahead.
7 kizunatalk065_msg0007 84 Hey, hold up Theory! Don't go out on your own!
8 kizunatalk065_msg0008 84 Theory, why are you being so cold to me?
9 kizunatalk065_msg0009 84 It's nothing personal. I'm equally cold to everyone.
10 kizunatalk065_msg0010 84 Even to my Driver, it is the same.
11 kizunatalk065_msg0011 84 Yeah, I guess that's true.
12 kizunatalk065_msg0012 84 That's right. Theory's a cool kind of gal.
13 kizunatalk065_msg0013 84 I can't deny that. Though I don't think it's a bad thing per se.
14 kizunatalk065_msg0014 84 True, that. But that's just her character.
15 kizunatalk065_msg0015 84 Uhh... That's not what I mean. What I'm trying to say is...
16 kizunatalk065_msg0016 84 I promised you. The old you.
17 kizunatalk065_msg0017 84 I promised that I wouldn't forget you.
18 kizunatalk065_msg0018 84 The old you wanted the two of us to stay friends.
19 kizunatalk065_msg0019 84 Which is why...
20 kizunatalk065_msg0020 84 I don't see why you would go to such lengths.
21 kizunatalk065_msg0021 84 The present me doesn't think the same way.
22 kizunatalk065_msg0022 84 And both you and I have lost our memories once before.
23 kizunatalk065_msg0023 84 Ah...
24 kizunatalk065_msg0024 165 How should I respond?
25 kizunatalk065_msg0025 164 Try to consider Praxis's feelings.
26 kizunatalk065_msg0026 164 You know, you two are really alike.
27 kizunatalk065_msg0027 165 How should I respond?
28 kizunatalk065_msg0028 164 Try to consider Praxis's feelings.
29 kizunatalk065_msg0029 164 Y'know, you two are really alike.
30 kizunatalk065_msg0030 165 How should I respond?
31 kizunatalk065_msg0031 164 Try to consider Praxis's feelings.
32 kizunatalk065_msg0032 164 You two are really quite alike.
33 kizunatalk065_msg0033 165 How should I respond?
34 kizunatalk065_msg0034 164 Maybe consider Praxis's feelings?
35 kizunatalk065_msg0035 164 You two are pretty similar really.
36 kizunatalk065_msg0101 84 Sorry.
37 kizunatalk065_msg0102 84 I'm not trying to be cold to her.
38 kizunatalk065_msg0103 84 It's OK. I understand.
39 kizunatalk065_msg0104 84 I'm just another Blade to you. Nothing more, nothing less. I get it.
40 kizunatalk065_msg0105 84 Hmm...
41 kizunatalk065_msg0106 84 But it's different for me.
42 kizunatalk065_msg0107 84 I knew the old you. I wanted to be together with you, always.
43 kizunatalk065_msg0201 84 We are alike?
44 kizunatalk065_msg0202 84 The old Praxis was never really bothered about her memories.
45 kizunatalk065_msg0203 84 And that seemed to make the previous Theory really sad.
46 kizunatalk065_msg0204 84 The old Praxis was never really bothered about her memories.
47 kizunatalk065_msg0205 84 And it looked like that made the previous Theory really sad.
48 kizunatalk065_msg0206 84 The old Praxis didn't care very much about her memories.
49 kizunatalk065_msg0207 84 And I got the impression that fact made the previous Theory quite sad.
50 kizunatalk065_msg0208 84 The old Praxis hardly cared about her memories.
51 kizunatalk065_msg0209 84 And that seemed to upset the old Theory one heck of a lot.
52 kizunatalk065_msg0210 84 And that's why you're sad? Because you knew the former me?
53 kizunatalk065_msg0211 84 I'm not that sad about it. Yet. But if this keeps up, I might just start crying.
54 kizunatalk065_msg0212 84 Haha...
55 kizunatalk065_msg0213 84 ...
56 kizunatalk065_msg0214 84 You two are like sisters!
57 kizunatalk065_msg0215 84 Though I guess it's weird for Blades to have sisters...
58 kizunatalk065_msg0216 84 You two are basically sisters.
59 kizunatalk065_msg0217 84 Though I guess it's kinda funny for Blades to have sisters, huh...
60 kizunatalk065_msg0218 84 You two are essentially sisters.
61 kizunatalk065_msg0219 84 Though perhaps sisters is the wrong word, considering you're both Blades...
62 kizunatalk065_msg0220 84 You're basically sisters, right?
63 kizunatalk065_msg0221 84 Though it isn't half strange for Blades to have sisters...
64 kizunatalk065_msg0222 84 Sisters...
65 kizunatalk065_msg0223 84 I like that!
66 kizunatalk065_msg0224 84 You're happy with this?
67 kizunatalk065_msg0225 84 Heck yeah! It makes us sound special!
68 kizunatalk065_msg0226 84 I can be the older sis, and you can be the younger one!
69 kizunatalk065_msg0227 84 Hmm...
70 kizunatalk065_msg0228 84 Theory, would you mind calling me "big sis"?
71 kizunatalk065_msg0229 84 I would mind.
72 kizunatalk065_msg0230 84 I guess you've gotta warm to it, huh?
73 kizunatalk065_msg0231 84 Well, li'l sis, you can call me big sis any time you want!
74 kizunatalk065_msg0232 84 I will never call you that.
75 kizunatalk065_msg0233 84 Hey, it's early days.
76 kizunatalk065_msg0234 84 Still, thank you!
77 kizunatalk065_msg0235 84 I was worried for a while, but I think I'll be able to keep our promise now!