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1 kizunatalk062_msg0001 84 Here is place! Word on street is, this place serve amazing breakfasts!
2 kizunatalk062_msg0002 84 Hmm...
3 kizunatalk062_msg0003 84 What is matter, Boreas?
4 kizunatalk062_msg0004 84 Something bothering you?
5 kizunatalk062_msg0005 84 Something bugging you, or what?
6 kizunatalk062_msg0006 84 Is there something wrong?
7 kizunatalk062_msg0007 84 Something got you hot and bothered?
8 kizunatalk062_msg0008 84 ...It's no good!
9 kizunatalk062_msg0009 84 No good? What is no good?
10 kizunatalk062_msg0010 84 I'm just not in the mood to eat the food here right now.
11 kizunatalk062_msg0011 84 Something wrong with food here?
12 kizunatalk062_msg0012 84 No, it's not bad or anything!
13 kizunatalk062_msg0013 84 It's good. I wanna go someplace else!
14 kizunatalk062_msg0014 84 I wanna go eat in Argentum!
15 kizunatalk062_msg0015 84 If go all the way to Argentum now, Tora die of starvation!
16 kizunatalk062_msg0016 84 Ah, it won't take that long. I'll just pop over and be back in the blink of an eye!
17 kizunatalk062_msg0017 84 Boreas is only one can do that!
18 kizunatalk062_msg0018 84 Come on, we eat food here!
19 kizunatalk062_msg0019 84 But I don't want to!
20 kizunatalk062_msg0020 84 Calm down, you two. Boreas, can I ask you something?
21 kizunatalk062_msg0021 165 What should I ask Boreas?
22 kizunatalk062_msg0022 164 Do you have some special preferences when it comes to breakfast?
23 kizunatalk062_msg0023 164 Tell me why you don't like this place.
24 kizunatalk062_msg0024 84 Oh, calm down, you two. Boreas, tell me something.
25 kizunatalk062_msg0025 165 What should I ask Boreas?
26 kizunatalk062_msg0026 164 So you're pretty picky about your breakfast, are you?
27 kizunatalk062_msg0027 164 What's your beef with this place?
28 kizunatalk062_msg0028 84 Calm down now, the both of you. Boreas, tell me...
29 kizunatalk062_msg0029 165 What shall I ask Boreas?
30 kizunatalk062_msg0030 164 Do you have some particular breakfast preferences?
31 kizunatalk062_msg0031 164 What do you have against this place?
32 kizunatalk062_msg0032 84 Now hang on a minute, you two. Boreas, tell me something.
33 kizunatalk062_msg0033 84 What should I ask Boreas?
34 kizunatalk062_msg0034 84 You've got some picky ideas about breakfast, is that it?
35 kizunatalk062_msg0035 84 Why d'you hate this place so much?
36 kizunatalk062_msg0101 84 Hmm? I wouldn't say I'm picky about breakfast specifically...
37 kizunatalk062_msg0102 84 I eat anything that's tasty. And I won't eat anything that isn't!
38 kizunatalk062_msg0103 84 Sounds pretty picky to Tora...
39 kizunatalk062_msg0104 84 In fact, just like tiny littlepon throwing tantrum!
40 kizunatalk062_msg0105 84 Heck no! I'm not being childish!
41 kizunatalk062_msg0106 84 Tasty things are food, and nasty things aren't food! That's all!
42 kizunatalk062_msg0107 84 Or what, you expect me to eat things that aren't food?!
43 kizunatalk062_msg0108 84 Hang on, you think anything that's tasty qualifies as food?
44 kizunatalk062_msg0109 84 Hold up, hold up. Anything that's tasty is food? Anything at all?
45 kizunatalk062_msg0110 84 would eat anything at all as long as the taste pleases you?
46 kizunatalk062_msg0111 84 Hang on, you don't mean you'd eat ANYTHING as long as it tastes good?
47 kizunatalk062_msg0112 84 Of course! I'd even eat a Nopon if it tasted good!
48 kizunatalk062_msg0113 84 Meh-meh-meh?!
49 kizunatalk062_msg0114 84 T-Tora is not tasty! Cute and adorable, but not at all delicious!
50 kizunatalk062_msg0115 84 Hey, don't worry!
51 kizunatalk062_msg0116 84 I wouldn't eat a friend, no matter how tasty they looked!
52 kizunatalk062_msg0117 84 I'll make do with just sneaking a few licks at night when you're asleep.
53 kizunatalk062_msg0118 84 Meh-meh-meh-meh?!
54 kizunatalk062_msg0201 84 Oh, I get it. So that's why Tora's feet look all wet in the morning sometimes!
55 kizunatalk062_msg0202 84 Huh, that figures. I did think Tora's feet looked weirdly wet in the morning sometimes.
56 kizunatalk062_msg0203 84 Ah, I see. That would explain why Tora's feet sometimes look wet in the morning.
57 kizunatalk062_msg0204 84 Heh, it all makes sense now. No wonder Tora's feet always look wet in the morning!
58 kizunatalk062_msg0205 84 Meh-meh-meh-meh-meh-meh-meh!
59 kizunatalk062_msg0206 84 I wouldn't say I hate the place. They serve some pretty nice food here!
60 kizunatalk062_msg0207 84 Then what problem?
61 kizunatalk062_msg0208 84 Menu has big variety, so should not be problem with choice...
62 kizunatalk062_msg0209 84 Listen, there's just nothing I want to eat here any more!
63 kizunatalk062_msg0210 84 Even littlest littlepon is not that picky!
64 kizunatalk062_msg0211 84 I'm not being picky!
65 kizunatalk062_msg0212 84 The truth is, I already checked out all the food here before you all woke up!
66 kizunatalk062_msg0213 84 Boreas did what?
67 kizunatalk062_msg0214 84 Meh-meh-meh... Then food you were eating back at inn was...
68 kizunatalk062_msg0215 84 You got it! That was all from here!
69 kizunatalk062_msg0216 84 I've already had my fill of everything on the menu!
70 kizunatalk062_msg0217 84 Ahahaha! I should have known. When it comes to food, you act quicker than anyone!
71 kizunatalk062_msg0218 84 Bahahaha! That's our Boreas for you. Put a Tasty Sausage at the finish line, and he'd beat the world's best sprinter!
72 kizunatalk062_msg0219 84 Hahaha... Well, that explains everything. I should have known we could never beat Boreas to a meal.
73 kizunatalk062_msg0220 84 Bahahah! Boreas, buddy, when it comes to food, you're the speediest guy in Alrest.
74 kizunatalk062_msg0221 84 Boreas too fast for Tora. Tora cannot keep up...