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1 kizunatalk056_msg0001 84 Oh! Look at the size of this crevasse!
2 kizunatalk056_msg0002 84 Who'd have thought Genbu Drifts would be so high up?
3 kizunatalk056_msg0003 84 Say, how do you think it formed?
4 kizunatalk056_msg0004 165 How should I reply?
5 kizunatalk056_msg0005 164 I heard from Gramps that someone made it by punching the ground.
6 kizunatalk056_msg0006 164 Maybe the Titan moved?
7 kizunatalk056_msg0007 165 How should I reply?
8 kizunatalk056_msg0008 164 Maybe someone punched the ground?
9 kizunatalk056_msg0009 164 Maybe the Titan moved?
10 kizunatalk056_msg0010 165 How should I respond?
11 kizunatalk056_msg0011 164 Perhaps someone punched the ground? I have heard talk of such things...
12 kizunatalk056_msg0012 164 Perhaps the Titan moved?
13 kizunatalk056_msg0013 165 How should I answer?
14 kizunatalk056_msg0014 164 I reckon someone punched the ground!
15 kizunatalk056_msg0015 164 I reckon the Titan moved!
16 kizunatalk056_msg0101 84 What, really?
17 kizunatalk056_msg0102 84 It'd never happen if I'd used Cold Judgment.
18 kizunatalk056_msg0103 84 You're saying my power isn't up to scratch? Guess there's always someone stronger, huh.
19 kizunatalk056_msg0104 84 ...
20 kizunatalk056_msg0105 84 Why the silent treatment?
21 kizunatalk056_msg0106 84 Hold on, was that meant to be a joke?!
22 kizunatalk056_msg0107 84 I'm a straightforward sort of Blade. Don't go confusing me with your strange sense of humor.
23 kizunatalk056_msg0108 84 Still, if I had the power to create rifts like that...
24 kizunatalk056_msg0201 84 We'd be right in the middle of Genbu right about now.
25 kizunatalk056_msg0202 84 Titans must generate a massive amount of energy as they move.
26 kizunatalk056_msg0203 84 Makes sense, considering how enormous their bodies are.
27 kizunatalk056_msg0204 84 If I could gain the strength to rival a Titan's in motion...
28 kizunatalk056_msg0301 84 I would be able to crush evil where it spawns with a flaming fist of justice!
29 kizunatalk056_msg0302 84 Wouldn't that be glorious?
30 kizunatalk056_msg0303 84 Good to see you're still as peppy as ever, Godfrey.
31 kizunatalk056_msg0304 84 Good to see you're as intense as always, Godfrey.
32 kizunatalk056_msg0305 84 I see you're still as spirited as ever, Godfrey.
33 kizunatalk056_msg0306 84 Glad to see you're as fiery as ever, Godfrey!
34 kizunatalk056_msg0307 84 But of course! The world may change, but my heart and my fists remain constant!
35 kizunatalk056_msg0308 84 To save a person is to save them from their own weak selves.
36 kizunatalk056_msg0309 84 If I failed, then my whole existence would be meaningless!
37 kizunatalk056_msg0310 84 No, my heart and my fists forge ever onwards, burning with justice!
38 kizunatalk056_msg0311 84 But your fists are made of ice, aren't they?
39 kizunatalk056_msg0312 84 Uhm, aren't your fists made of ice, though?
40 kizunatalk056_msg0313 84 It only just struck me now, but aren't your fists made of ice, not fire?
41 kizunatalk056_msg0314 84 They're burning all right, but looking closely, isn't that ice?
42 kizunatalk056_msg0315 84 Huh?
43 kizunatalk056_msg0316 84 ...Wait, hold on a moment.
44 kizunatalk056_msg0317 84 You're right... Why are they ice?
45 kizunatalk056_msg0318 84 It's weird that I'd be using anything other than fire...
46 kizunatalk056_msg0319 84 I'm always burning with passion, after all! What the heck?
47 kizunatalk056_msg0320 84 Uh, I'm not really the best person to ask...
48 kizunatalk056_msg0321 84 Uh, I'm not really the best person to ask...
49 kizunatalk056_msg0322 84 I'm afraid that's something I can't answer.
50 kizunatalk056_msg0323 84 Heck if I know...
51 kizunatalk056_msg0324 84 All right. There's only one answer.
52 kizunatalk056_msg0325 84 Listen carefully, Driver.
53 kizunatalk056_msg0326 84 My fists are not made of ice. They are blue flames!
54 kizunatalk056_msg0327 84 You see? You can make out the outline and everything! Mystery solved! Done!
55 kizunatalk056_msg0328 84 You get it? They're blue flames! Flames! You got that?!
56 kizunatalk056_msg0329 84 Bit of a stretch, don't you think?
57 kizunatalk056_msg0330 84 Kind of a stretch, don't you think?
58 kizunatalk056_msg0331 84 Comparing you to Brighid, I think that's something of a stretch...
59 kizunatalk056_msg0332 84 Honestly, mate, that's a bit of a stretch...
60 kizunatalk056_msg0333 84 I don't care! From a distance, they look like flames, OK?!
61 kizunatalk056_msg0334 84 Good! From now on, you may address me as Godfrey of the Blue Flame!