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1 kizunatalk054_msg0001 84 Tell me, good sir, is this the extent of your wares?
2 kizunatalk054_msg0002 84 Sure is. What you see is what you get.
3 kizunatalk054_msg0003 84 Alas... It seems the treasures I seek are nowhere to be found.
4 kizunatalk054_msg0004 84 On another weapon shopping spree, Perdido?
5 kizunatalk054_msg0005 84 That is hardly an accurate assessment.
6 kizunatalk054_msg0006 84 Unlike you, I am not in the habit of purchasing every weapon that I set eyes upon.
7 kizunatalk054_msg0007 84 Hey, I have some standards too, you know!
8 kizunatalk054_msg0008 84 You are too flighty, Patroka. At least try to give each weapon the attention it deserves.
9 kizunatalk054_msg0009 84 Oh, shut up...
10 kizunatalk054_msg0010 84 I'm not the one with four arms and a weapon in each!
11 kizunatalk054_msg0011 84 Hmm.
12 kizunatalk054_msg0012 165 What should I ask Perdido?
13 kizunatalk054_msg0013 164 Which weapon do you like the most?
14 kizunatalk054_msg0014 164 Don't you use any projectiles?
15 kizunatalk054_msg0015 165 What should I ask Perdido?
16 kizunatalk054_msg0016 164 Which weapon's your favorite?
17 kizunatalk054_msg0017 164 Don't you use any projectiles?
18 kizunatalk054_msg0018 165 What shall I ask Perdido?
19 kizunatalk054_msg0019 164 Which weapon most appeals to you?
20 kizunatalk054_msg0020 164 Do you not use any projectiles?
21 kizunatalk054_msg0021 165 What should I ask Perdido?
22 kizunatalk054_msg0022 164 What weapon d'you like best?
23 kizunatalk054_msg0023 164 Don't you use any projectiles?
24 kizunatalk054_msg0101 84 My preferred weapon...?
25 kizunatalk054_msg0102 84 Hmm... I think I have none.
26 kizunatalk054_msg0103 84 I could not call myself a warrior if I discriminated between the tools at my disposal.
27 kizunatalk054_msg0104 84 The spear... The axe... The sword... The hammer...
28 kizunatalk054_msg0105 84 A true warrior should be able to wield all with equal proficiency.
29 kizunatalk054_msg0106 84 Each weapon has its strengths and its weaknesses.
30 kizunatalk054_msg0107 84 As a wielder of four weapons, my greatest strength is that I can use whichever the situation calls for.
31 kizunatalk054_msg0108 84 Mastering four different weapon styles?
32 kizunatalk054_msg0109 84 You really are serious about the art of battle, Perdido. I don't think many people could do that.
33 kizunatalk054_msg0110 84 Mastering four different weapons, huh?
34 kizunatalk054_msg0111 84 Talk about the heart of a warrior. You're something else, Perdido.
35 kizunatalk054_msg0112 84 Seeking mastery over four disparate weapons?
36 kizunatalk054_msg0113 84 Truly, you are a warrior to the core. I admire your conviction, Perdido.
37 kizunatalk054_msg0114 84 Mastering four different weapons, eh?
38 kizunatalk054_msg0115 84 I guess you're not kidding about this true warrior thing. That's no easy feat!
39 kizunatalk054_msg0116 84 It is not an easy path, for certain.
40 kizunatalk054_msg0117 84 But I believe with enough strength of will, nothing is impossible.
41 kizunatalk054_msg0118 84 Come, I will show you how it is done!
42 kizunatalk054_msg0119 84 Wow...
43 kizunatalk054_msg0120 84 Well, good luck with that. Glad I'M not this guy's Driver.
44 kizunatalk054_msg0121 84 What do you mean by that, Patroka? Naturally you will train with us too!
45 kizunatalk054_msg0122 84 Whaaa?! What have I got to do with this?!
46 kizunatalk054_msg0123 84 Enough of your whining!
47 kizunatalk054_msg0124 84 We begin training right here, right now! Hurry and make preparations!
48 kizunatalk054_msg0125 84 Training isn't gonna give me four arms, you know! I'm not doing it! No way!
49 kizunatalk054_msg0201 84 Projectiles? They are the domain of my Driver.
50 kizunatalk054_msg0202 84 Uh, I don't think you're quite getting the point.
51 kizunatalk054_msg0203 84 You give your Driver a projectile to use, then you don't use any yourself? What's up with that?
52 kizunatalk054_msg0204 84 It's your own weapon, why don't YOU try using it?
53 kizunatalk054_msg0205 84 ...
54 kizunatalk054_msg0206 84 ...It does not suit my style.
55 kizunatalk054_msg0207 84 As a warrior, I prefer to confront my foes directly, man-to-man.
56 kizunatalk054_msg0208 84 Jeez, you're like a child sometimes...
57 kizunatalk054_msg0209 84 What do you even say to that?
58 kizunatalk054_msg0210 84 That's so like you, Perdido.
59 kizunatalk054_msg0211 84 I can just see you locking eyes with the enemy in a clash of blades.
60 kizunatalk054_msg0212 84 That's just you all over, eh, Perdido?
61 kizunatalk054_msg0213 84 Locking blades with the foe, staring 'em in the eye...suits you to a tee.
62 kizunatalk054_msg0214 84 Everyone has their own style.
63 kizunatalk054_msg0215 84 I'm sure you prefer to lock eyes with your foe as you battle, right, Perdido?
64 kizunatalk054_msg0216 84 Hey, if that's your thing, Perdido!
65 kizunatalk054_msg0217 84 I get the desire to lock blades with a fearsome foe. Talk about intense!
66 kizunatalk054_msg0218 84 Ah, my Driver. You understand me so well.
67 kizunatalk054_msg0219 84 Seriously, though?
68 kizunatalk054_msg0220 84 I mean, what kind of fair fight is it when one guy has four arms, anyway?!
69 kizunatalk054_msg0221 84 Hmm. You may be right.
70 kizunatalk054_msg0222 84 But such physical advantages are not necessarily a guarantee of skill.
71 kizunatalk054_msg0223 84 Even four arms, if used ineffectively, can be no match for a single blade.
72 kizunatalk054_msg0224 84 And a true master of the warrior's arts can defeat multiple armed foes with his bare hands alone.
73 kizunatalk054_msg0225 84 It comes down to a question of how far one is willing to hone oneself.
74 kizunatalk054_msg0226 84 That is why the path of the warrior is so difficult, yet so rewarding.
75 kizunatalk054_msg0227 84 Sounds right!
76 kizunatalk054_msg0228 84 Right on!
77 kizunatalk054_msg0229 84 I agree completely.
78 kizunatalk054_msg0230 84 True enough.
79 kizunatalk054_msg0231 84 Oh, come on! You're just going to go with that excuse?!
80 kizunatalk054_msg0232 84 This guy is SO against the rules!