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1 kizunatalk047_msg0001 84 Who would've thought a place like this existed under the Cloud Sea?
2 kizunatalk047_msg0002 84 Yeah...
3 kizunatalk047_msg0003 84 Us salvagers dive deep, but I've never dreamed there'd be this enormous space down here.
4 kizunatalk047_msg0004 84 You'd be hard-pressed finding another place as vast as this, that's for sure.
5 kizunatalk047_msg0005 84 Did people live here once, d'you think?
6 kizunatalk047_msg0006 84 If the whole space is filled with buildings like the ones around here...
7 kizunatalk047_msg0007 84 There must've been a heck of a lot of people living in them.
8 kizunatalk047_msg0008 84 True, that.
9 kizunatalk047_msg0009 84 And the number of people aside, can you imagine the work it would take to cover this whole place in buildings?
10 kizunatalk047_msg0010 84 I can hardly imagine...
11 kizunatalk047_msg0011 84 I've salvaged a whole bunch of treasures over the years with functions we could never figure out...
12 kizunatalk047_msg0012 84 If this world is where they came from, I've gotta say it makes sense.
13 kizunatalk047_msg0013 84 In any age, the ambitions of men build civilization up, and those same ambitions bring it crumbling down.
14 kizunatalk047_msg0014 84 That's so tragic...
15 kizunatalk047_msg0015 84 Hey, Rex.
16 kizunatalk047_msg0016 84 Why is this place in ruins anyway...?
17 kizunatalk047_msg0017 165 How should I respond?
18 kizunatalk047_msg0018 164 Because of the Cloud Sea?
19 kizunatalk047_msg0019 164 There must have been a war.
20 kizunatalk047_msg0101 84 You think the Cloud Sea appeared one day and covered the whole thing up?
21 kizunatalk047_msg0102 84 Yeah. The crops wouldn't have grown any more, so people would have had to leave.
22 kizunatalk047_msg0103 84 And everyone would've wound up living above the Cloud Sea instead.
23 kizunatalk047_msg0104 84 Does that make sense?
24 kizunatalk047_msg0105 84 I've got a feeling it's the other way round.
25 kizunatalk047_msg0106 84 You're saying the Cloud Sea caused problems here, so people wound up living on the Titans.
26 kizunatalk047_msg0107 84 But I think the problems here came first, and that's how the Cloud Sea and the Titans were made.
27 kizunatalk047_msg0108 84 And once it became uninhabitable, they went and made a new place to live.
28 kizunatalk047_msg0109 84 Hmmm...
29 kizunatalk047_msg0110 84 What do you think, Nia?
30 kizunatalk047_msg0111 84 Well, let's see...
31 kizunatalk047_msg0112 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Anger ]Who freaking knows?!
32 kizunatalk047_msg0113 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Anger ]I mean, this stuff must've happened more than just centuries ago. How're we meant to have any idea?
33 kizunatalk047_msg0114 84 Well, that's why we're speculating, right?
34 kizunatalk047_msg0115 84 Yeah, but I reckon it's a waste of time.
35 kizunatalk047_msg0116 84 We still know barely anything about this place. If we want to work stuff out, we should search for more clues.
36 kizunatalk047_msg0117 84 Well, that's a fair point.
37 kizunatalk047_msg0201 84 I think you hit the nail on the head. Some terrible war sounds pretty likely.
38 kizunatalk047_msg0202 84 But would a war cause THIS much devastation?
39 kizunatalk047_msg0203 84 Maybe it was some natural disaster or other?
40 kizunatalk047_msg0204 84 Not out of the question, but a natural disaster's not gonna level everything. It wouldn't be this widespread.
41 kizunatalk047_msg0205 84 Take a look outside. Ruin as far as the eye can see.
42 kizunatalk047_msg0206 84 Hmmm...
43 kizunatalk047_msg0207 84 You could say the same about war, though.
44 kizunatalk047_msg0208 84 What kind of a war could destroy a city this big?
45 kizunatalk047_msg0209 84 Maybe...they had some kind of incredible weapon we've never seen.
46 kizunatalk047_msg0210 84 Or just one hell of a lot of 'em.
47 kizunatalk047_msg0211 84 I hear a crazy number of Blades fought in the war 500 years ago.
48 kizunatalk047_msg0212 84 You think something like that happened before?
49 kizunatalk047_msg0213 84 Hard to say for sure.
50 kizunatalk047_msg0214 84 I think maybe we need to explore a bit further.
51 kizunatalk047_msg0301 84 This place is beyond anything we've imagined, after all.
52 kizunatalk047_msg0302 84 To be honest, I think it's actually kind of exciting.
53 kizunatalk047_msg0303 84 Can't deny it.
54 kizunatalk047_msg0304 84 This world's a bigger place than we knew.