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1 kizunatalk044_msg0001 84 Hey Pandy. I just had a thought...
2 kizunatalk044_msg0002 84 Oh no.
3 kizunatalk044_msg0003 84 Don't be so quick to judge! You don't even know what I'm going to say!
4 kizunatalk044_msg0004 84 Well you're not the most sophisticated of thinkers. I can read you like a book.
5 kizunatalk044_msg0005 84 Hey, you can't talk to your Driver like that!
6 kizunatalk044_msg0006 84 Go on then. If I'm so easy to read, what am I thinking?
7 kizunatalk044_msg0007 84 You ARE that easy to read and you just came up with a new title for yourself.
8 kizunatalk044_msg0008 84 Uh...
9 kizunatalk044_msg0009 84 Haha, bingo.
10 kizunatalk044_msg0010 84 You are sooo predictable. Go on then, what is it this time?
11 kizunatalk044_msg0011 84 I promise not to laugh. You can tell your big sis.
12 kizunatalk044_msg0012 84 Big sis? ...Wait a sec! What makes you think it'll be something to laugh at?!
13 kizunatalk044_msg0013 84 Listen, when I tell you my new title, you're gonna be proper impressed.
14 kizunatalk044_msg0014 84 Zeke von Genbu, CHAOTIC Bringer of Chaos!
15 kizunatalk044_msg0015 84 *snort*
16 kizunatalk044_msg0016 84 Oi! I heard that!
17 kizunatalk044_msg0017 84 You can't deny the coolness of the name, surely!
18 kizunatalk044_msg0018 84 Of course not. It's very cool. Suits you down to a tee. Super cool.
19 kizunatalk044_msg0019 84 You're not even pretending to be serious! Why don't you try again?
20 kizunatalk044_msg0020 84 *giggle* It's so funny watching you guys.
21 kizunatalk044_msg0021 84 Oh, hello Pyra! You arrived at just the right time.
22 kizunatalk044_msg0022 84 We're getting nowhere with Pandoria. Pyra, lend us your judgment.
23 kizunatalk044_msg0023 84 Who, me?
24 kizunatalk044_msg0024 84 Yes, you! What do you think?
25 kizunatalk044_msg0025 84 Zeke von Genbu, Chaotic Bringer of Chaos!
26 kizunatalk044_msg0026 165 What DO I think?
27 kizunatalk044_msg0027 164 That's a fantastic name!
28 kizunatalk044_msg0028 164 Honestly, it's kind of goofy.
29 kizunatalk044_msg0101 84 Right? Obviously! I knew you'd know what's what.
30 kizunatalk044_msg0102 84 No need to worry about hurting his feelings, Pyra. You can be honest.
31 kizunatalk044_msg0103 84 I am being honest! I think it's a very creative name.
32 kizunatalk044_msg0104 84 Eh? No way... You're kidding, right?
33 kizunatalk044_msg0105 84 Finally, somebody who actually understands! At least SOMEONE does.
34 kizunatalk044_msg0106 84 Go on, Pyra! You need a title as well.
35 kizunatalk044_msg0107 84 Huh? Me?
36 kizunatalk044_msg0108 84 Yes! Something that really captures the spirit of who you are.
37 kizunatalk044_msg0109 84 Steady on, My Prince. Pyra doesn't want a stupid name.
38 kizunatalk044_msg0110 84 OK, lay it on me, Zeke! Gimme that title!
39 kizunatalk044_msg0111 84 Someone's gotten carried away...
40 kizunatalk044_msg0112 84 Right then. From now on, Pyra, you shall be...
41 kizunatalk044_msg0113 84 Pyra von Aegis, Omen of Retribution!
42 kizunatalk044_msg0114 84 Pyra von Aegis, Omen of Retribution...?
43 kizunatalk044_msg0115 84 Uhh, really Pyra... If you don't like it, you shoulda just said so.
44 kizunatalk044_msg0116 84 I love it!
45 kizunatalk044_msg0117 84 To be honest, I don't really know what it's supposed to mean. But it's so cool!
46 kizunatalk044_msg0118 84 What on Alrest is going on? These two are incorrigible.
47 kizunatalk044_msg0119 84 Right? Just like I thought. Pyra GETS me.
48 kizunatalk044_msg0120 84 In fact, maybe YOU should just be my Blade!
49 kizunatalk044_msg0121 84 A-ah...I think I'm good, thanks.
50 kizunatalk044_msg0122 84 Huh?
51 kizunatalk044_msg0123 84 You're very amusing, Zeke, but Drivers need to be a lot more than amusing.
52 kizunatalk044_msg0124 84 What?
53 kizunatalk044_msg0125 84 Ahahaha! You're going to need an Ice Art for that burn.
54 kizunatalk044_msg0126 84 That was worth the wait. It's gonna take him some time to recover.
55 kizunatalk044_msg0201 84 And it's redundant as well.
56 kizunatalk044_msg0202 84 Urk...
57 kizunatalk044_msg0203 84 My Prince?!
58 kizunatalk044_msg0204 84 Too...too blunt. It struck me... right to my very heart...
59 kizunatalk044_msg0205 84 Hang in there! It's just a flesh wound! You're going to be just fine!
60 kizunatalk044_msg0206 84 Huh? Is Zeke OK?
61 kizunatalk044_msg0207 84 No... Remember me well, friends...
62 kizunatalk044_msg0208 84 What?! I-I'm so sorry! I didn't mean-
63 kizunatalk044_msg0209 84 I just let my thoughts spill out of my mouth without thinking!
64 kizunatalk044_msg0210 84 *cough*
65 kizunatalk044_msg0211 84 My Prince?!
66 kizunatalk044_msg0212 84 Um, what's happening? I, er, should I get help?
67 kizunatalk044_msg0213 84 Pyra, you monster! You're killing him here!
68 kizunatalk044_msg0214 84 Who would have known that Pyra could be so deeply cruel...
69 kizunatalk044_msg0215 84 That wasn't my intention at all! I'm sorry!
70 kizunatalk044_msg0216 84 I just thought that the joke wasn't up to your usual standard...
71 kizunatalk044_msg0217 84 Ahck!
72 kizunatalk044_msg0218 84 My Prince?!
73 kizunatalk044_msg0219 84 A mortal blow. It's going to take him some time to recover from that...