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1 kizunatalk037_msg001 84 Hey, Pandoria. Zeke's a rather unlucky guy, is he not?
2 kizunatalk037_msg002 84 Isn't it difficult, being his partner?
3 kizunatalk037_msg003 84 Oh, yes. That Prince of mine, he's unlucky like you wouldn't believe.
4 kizunatalk037_msg004 84 If there was an All-Alrest Unluckiness Championship, he'd win every time.
5 kizunatalk037_msg005 84 From the incidents I've witnessed alone, he's already been chased by rolling rocks, fallen off cliffs...
6 kizunatalk037_msg006 84 He even fell into the Cloud Sea once, as I recall.
7 kizunatalk037_msg007 84 Haha, you ain't seen the half of it.
8 kizunatalk037_msg008 84 When he's walking in the harbor, he's always getting bitten or smacked round the face by the Titan ships.
9 kizunatalk037_msg018 84 Oh, this one time, he got caught in a blizzard, took shelter in a cave, and wound up surrounded by 100 Ignas!
10 kizunatalk037_msg009 84 Ahaha! I could keep going for hours.
11 kizunatalk037_msg010 84 Well, I don't quite know how to react.
12 kizunatalk037_msg011 84 Frankly, I'm impressed you're both still alive.
13 kizunatalk037_msg012 84 Yes, congratulations on surviving. Or should I say, my condolences?
14 kizunatalk037_msg013 84 Too far, Brighid. Too far.
15 kizunatalk037_msg014 84 Still, I gotta admit keeping an eye on my Prince is a full-time job.
16 kizunatalk037_msg015 84 You should try it yourself some time. He drives me crazy.
17 kizunatalk037_msg019 165 How shall I respond?
18 kizunatalk037_msg016 164 But you love him all the same, yes?
19 kizunatalk037_msg017 164 You sound almost like his mother.
20 kizunatalk037_msg101 84 Love?! Where the hell'd you pull THAT one out of? Eheheh...
21 kizunatalk037_msg102 84 Ah yes, I see. You pretend to dislike him while secretly harboring feelings.
22 kizunatalk037_msg103 84 Maybe it's time you should be more honest with yourself?
23 kizunatalk037_msg104 84 Oh, for've got to be kidding me! You couldn't be more wrong!
24 kizunatalk037_msg105 84 There's no need to be shy, my dear.
25 kizunatalk037_msg106 84 As a fellow Blade, I'll be happy to keep this just between us.
26 kizunatalk037_msg107 84 Quite so. We will keep your little secret from your beloved Prince until such time as you see fit.
27 kizunatalk037_msg108 84 I'm trying to tell you, it's not like that!
28 kizunatalk037_msg109 84 Oh, you're so cute when you get embarrassed.
29 kizunatalk037_msg112 84 Hmhm! I quite agree...
30 kizunatalk037_msg110 84 Hey! Stop that! Don't you give me that knowing smile!
31 kizunatalk037_msg111 84 Ughhhh, curse you, my Prince, and your unlucky nature!
32 kizunatalk037_msg201 84 Oh yes, he's such a frightful little sonny Jim...
33 kizunatalk037_msg202 84 ...Wait, who're you calling his mom?!
34 kizunatalk037_msg203 84 At least go for big sister or something!
35 kizunatalk037_msg204 84 Ah, what a comeback! What impeccable comedic delivery!
36 kizunatalk037_msg205 84 Haha, you like it? You've gotta have a sharp wit when you're dealing with that guy.
37 kizunatalk037_msg210 84 But comedy aside... It all comes back to his blasted bad luck.
38 kizunatalk037_msg211 84 If you had to deal with some of the stuff I've been through, you'd be worrying like an old maid, too.
39 kizunatalk037_msg212 84 When it really counts, he can be a proper hero, but the rest of the time... I just don't know what to do with him.
40 kizunatalk037_msg213 84 It wouldn't be Zeke without a little bad luck, though, would it?
41 kizunatalk037_msg214 84 I quite agree. It's an integral part of his identity!
42 kizunatalk037_msg215 84 Yep...and ain't that just the worst thing?
43 kizunatalk037_msg216 84 *sigh* The things I put up with for my Prince...