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1 kizunatalk036_msg0001 84 These ruins are quite remarkable.
2 kizunatalk036_msg0002 84 Indeed. This style of architecture cannot be found in Mor Ardain.
3 kizunatalk036_msg0003 84 There's plenty of ruins in Tantal too, but nothing quite like this.
4 kizunatalk036_msg0004 84 Must be something to do with the Titans here.
5 kizunatalk036_msg0005 84 How would you even build a place like this anyway?
6 kizunatalk036_msg0006 84 I explained before, did I not?
7 kizunatalk036_msg0007 84 Probably wasn't listening.
8 kizunatalk036_msg0008 84 Maybe it was before he joined up with us?
9 kizunatalk036_msg0009 84 Hmm... Was it? I can't recall.
10 kizunatalk036_msg0010 84 In any case, no harm in repeating myself.
11 kizunatalk036_msg0011 84 The Leftherian Archipelago consists of a mountainous Cloud Sea formation and numerous Titans gathered like islands.
12 kizunatalk036_msg0012 84 All of those smaller Titans are circling around a much larger one...
13 kizunatalk036_msg0013 84 But that larger Titan is hidden deep within the cloud mountains.
14 kizunatalk036_msg0014 84 So...looking at the size of these ruins, we must be inside that big Titan right now?
15 kizunatalk036_msg0015 84 Yes, precisely.
16 kizunatalk036_msg0016 84 Wow, what a crazy sort of place.
17 kizunatalk036_msg0017 84 That doesn't answer the question of how anyone made all this, though.
18 kizunatalk036_msg0018 84 I mean, I doubt they carried all this rock through the Village Guardian...
19 kizunatalk036_msg0019 84 Perhaps it was built before this large Titan submerged itself in the Cloud Sea?
20 kizunatalk036_msg0020 84 Ah, that'd make sense. So back on the surface, it was just like any other Titan.
21 kizunatalk036_msg0021 84 Then at some point those cloud mountains formed around it, creating the Archipelago we know today.
22 kizunatalk036_msg0022 84 Yes, that would explain how this place came to be.
23 kizunatalk036_msg0023 84 But even so, it would be very difficult to build structures of this size today.
24 kizunatalk036_msg0024 84 Indeed...
25 kizunatalk036_msg0025 84 We have neither the labor forces required, nor sufficient land available.
26 kizunatalk036_msg0026 84 I doubt Mor Ardain, Uraya, or Tantal could construct something like this in today's climate.
27 kizunatalk036_msg0027 84 ...Pandy.
28 kizunatalk036_msg0028 84 When I die, you don't have to build a monument this grand for me, OK?
29 kizunatalk036_msg0029 84 I'm gonna be gone as soon as you are, you know!
30 kizunatalk036_msg0030 84 Besides, I don't think you need a gravestone. A snowman'll do for you, heheh!
31 kizunatalk036_msg0031 84 Where am I being buried, Theosoir Rear Gate?
32 kizunatalk036_msg0032 84 Though a snowman does sound pretty nice.
33 kizunatalk036_msg0033 84 You're fine with that...?
34 kizunatalk036_msg0034 84 Anyway, while we're talking about graves...
35 kizunatalk036_msg0035 165 Who should I ask?
36 kizunatalk036_msg0036 164 Where's your grave gonna be, Rex?
37 kizunatalk036_msg0037 164 Where's your grave gonna be, Mòrag?
38 kizunatalk036_msg0101 84 My grave?!
39 kizunatalk036_msg0102 84 I...guess I've never thought about it.
40 kizunatalk036_msg0103 84 You're still pretty young, after all.
41 kizunatalk036_msg0104 84 You calling me old?!
42 kizunatalk036_msg0105 84 I guess I'd probably like to be buried alongside my parents in Fonsett.
43 kizunatalk036_msg0106 84 How would you fancy here in Elpys?
44 kizunatalk036_msg0107 84 Uh... I don't know about that...
45 kizunatalk036_msg0108 84 Yeah, this place is so big and empty, you'd die of loneliness.
46 kizunatalk036_msg0109 84 After he's already dead?
47 kizunatalk036_msg0110 84 I think I'd rather stay close to the people I love. Though it's still pretty weird to think about.
48 kizunatalk036_msg0111 84 Well, that's a nice way of looking at it.
49 kizunatalk036_msg0201 84 My manner of burial is already decided.
50 kizunatalk036_msg0202 84 There is a proud Ardainian tradition to-
51 kizunatalk036_msg0203 84 Yeah, OK, I'm gonna stop you there. Thanks for the predictable answer.
52 kizunatalk036_msg0204 84 Wha...?!
53 kizunatalk036_msg0205 84 Then ask me again. I will endeavor to make my response more entertaining.
54 kizunatalk036_msg0206 84 Lady Mòrag, I don't think there is any need to-
55 kizunatalk036_msg0207 84 You are aware of how I dislike to be outdone, are you not?
56 kizunatalk036_msg0208 84 All right, let's do this.
57 kizunatalk036_msg0209 84 Where's your grave going to be?
58 kizunatalk036_msg0210 84 A snowman at Theosoir Rear Gate!
59 kizunatalk036_msg0211 84 Wha...?!
60 kizunatalk036_msg0212 84 Wait, are you gonna marry into Tantal royalty or something?
61 kizunatalk036_msg0213 84 Wha...?! Of course I will not! I was just imitating Zeke's amusing remark...
62 kizunatalk036_msg0214 84 Perhaps I should have chosen a grave in Fonsett instead!
63 kizunatalk036_msg0215 84 Whaaa?!
64 kizunatalk036_msg0216 84 That's also not exactly, er...
65 kizunatalk036_msg0217 84 Ugh!
66 kizunatalk036_msg0218 84 Hahahah! Looks like Mòrag's got a thing or two to learn when it comes to the funnies!
67 kizunatalk036_msg0219 84 Ah, to be young and carefree again. To think they can joke around in a place like this...