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1 kizunatalk027_msg0001 84 Ahh, how Tora missed hot springs...
2 kizunatalk027_msg0002 84 This bring back memories of first time we stay in Mor Ardain.
3 kizunatalk027_msg0003 84 The water here is great, right? It just melted the weariness away.
4 kizunatalk027_msg0004 84 Ah, I see. So this is where you stayed...
5 kizunatalk027_msg0005 84 First time I've been here, though. But hang on...
6 kizunatalk027_msg0006 84 Is this place unisex?!
7 kizunatalk027_msg0007 84 Sadly, it is not... Are set times for men and women.
8 kizunatalk027_msg0008 84 Ah, right... That sorta system...
9 kizunatalk027_msg0009 84 Hmph... Too bad for you.
10 kizunatalk027_msg0010 84 Seems now is right time for men to go bathe. What lads say? We all go, yes?
11 kizunatalk027_msg0011 84 What?
12 kizunatalk027_msg0012 165 What Tora say?
13 kizunatalk027_msg0013 164 All men here! No need to fear nudity!
14 kizunatalk027_msg0014 164 Tora happy to wash everyone's backs!
15 kizunatalk027_msg0101 84 You want all four of us to bathe together?
16 kizunatalk027_msg0102 84 Of course yes!
17 kizunatalk027_msg0103 84 Or, is there some problem?
18 kizunatalk027_msg0104 84 No, um, me and Rex are game, but Mòrag, uh...
19 kizunatalk027_msg0105 84 You three go on ahead. I shall abstain for now.
20 kizunatalk027_msg0106 84 Mòrag so reserved... Come on, all go together!
21 kizunatalk027_msg0131 84 Come come!
22 kizunatalk027_msg0132 84 No, not resist!
23 kizunatalk027_msg0133 84 No, stop!
24 kizunatalk027_msg0134 84 Cease your tugging!
25 kizunatalk027_msg0107 84 ...Is it possible that Tora doesn't know Mòrag is a woman...?
26 kizunatalk027_msg0108 84's not like I could tell a Nopon woman apart except from the clothing...
27 kizunatalk027_msg0109 84 And with Mòrag wearing men's clothes, maybe it's no wonder the little guy got confused.
28 kizunatalk027_msg0110 84 Or maybe he just doesn't really care one way or the other?
29 kizunatalk027_msg0111 84 Mòrag, it OK! Take moment to breathe, then come with.
30 kizunatalk027_msg0112 84 I refuse.
31 kizunatalk027_msg0113 84 Look, Tora understand. Lots of Nopon not like baths, too.
32 kizunatalk027_msg0114 84 Maybe Mòrag afraid Mòrag drown?
33 kizunatalk027_msg0115 84 But hygiene very important! Have to soak to get nice and clean.
34 kizunatalk027_msg0116 84 I do like water, and I am not filthy... But on this matter, I will not budge.
35 kizunatalk027_msg0117 84 How friend Mòrag be so stubborn, with hot spring right before eyes...
36 kizunatalk027_msg0118 84 Come on Mòrag! Drop clothes like man and jump in hot spring! Tora not have all day!
37 kizunatalk027_msg0119 84 You know I'm a woman, don't you?
38 kizunatalk027_msg0120 84!
39 kizunatalk027_msg0121 84 W-w-w-woman...?
40 kizunatalk027_msg0122 84 Yes. I'm a woman, Tora.
41 kizunatalk027_msg0123 84 Meh-meh-mehmehh?!
42 kizunatalk027_msg0124 84 Rex-Rex! Zeke! You know this?!
43 kizunatalk027_msg0125 84 I mean, at a glance...
44 kizunatalk027_msg0126 84 Well for Tora, this discovery of century! Have to tell Poppi and others!
45 kizunatalk027_msg0127 84 Well, that's that then, I guess?
46 kizunatalk027_msg0128 84 My. I did not expect this when I woke up today.
47 kizunatalk027_msg0129 84 Hey Mòrag, how about next time you put on a skirt and some heels?
48 kizunatalk027_msg0130 84 How about you die in a fire, Zeke.
49 kizunatalk027_msg0201 84 In return, Tora ask for help in washing his!
50 kizunatalk027_msg0202 84 Tora strong believer in importance of physical contact for build team bonds!
51 kizunatalk027_msg0203 84 I think I'll excuse myself this time.
52 kizunatalk027_msg0204 84 Mòrag not want to bathe with Tora?
53 kizunatalk027_msg0205 84 Please don't take this the wrong way.
54 kizunatalk027_msg0206 84 It is just...this is a very delicate matter, I'm sure you understand.
55 kizunatalk027_msg0207 84 Is because Tora is Nopon?
56 kizunatalk027_msg0208 84 No! Of course not! That's not it at all! I, I just, I have other... Ugh...
57 kizunatalk027_msg0209 84 Oh, Mòrag...
58 kizunatalk027_msg0210 84 Why've you gotta be so stubborn? Why not just play along and make Tora's little dream come true?
59 kizunatalk027_msg0211 84 Bolt it! How dare you make light of me!
60 kizunatalk027_msg0212 84 Mòrag... Maybe worried about feathers in bath?
61 kizunatalk027_msg0213 84 Then no need! Tora is young, not drop feathers so easy!
62 kizunatalk027_msg0214 84 Uhm, no, that's not the problem...
63 kizunatalk027_msg0215 84 Then there only one explanation... Mòrag really do hate Tora?
64 kizunatalk027_msg0216 84 Nghh... No, that's not true...
65 kizunatalk027_msg0217 84 C'mon Mòrag, Tora's almost crying here.
66 kizunatalk027_msg0218 84 Urkkk...
67 kizunatalk027_msg0219 84 If Mòrag not hate Tora, then why not want to wash each other's backs...?
68 kizunatalk027_msg0220 84 Oh, for the...
69 kizunatalk027_msg0221 84 Fine... Let us bathe together.
70 kizunatalk027_msg0222 84 Huh?!
71 kizunatalk027_msg0223 84 Seriously?!
72 kizunatalk027_msg0224 84 Tora score!
73 kizunatalk027_msg0225 84 But I will bathe in my clothes! And that is non-negotiable!
74 kizunatalk027_msg0226 84 Uh, good luck trying to explain this to the bath attendants...