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1 kizunatalk026_msg001 84 Seems like a good place to rest.
2 kizunatalk026_msg002 84 Hey, Mythra... May I ask you something?
3 kizunatalk026_msg003 84 Huh? Something up?
4 kizunatalk026_msg004 84 I read over my journal again. We used to fight each other quite a lot during training, didn't we?
5 kizunatalk026_msg005 84 looks like I usually came off worse...
6 kizunatalk026_msg006 84 Don't take it too hard. You really gave it all you had. But I guess I've just got certain attributes...
7 kizunatalk026_msg007 84 Sorry, what did you want to ask?
8 kizunatalk026_msg008 84 Well, according to my journal... it looks like there was one time where I got the better of you.
9 kizunatalk026_msg009 84 Huh?
10 kizunatalk026_msg010 84 It doesn't go into much detail... But still, besting the Aegis is quite the achievement, don't you think?
11 kizunatalk026_msg011 84 I really need to know how it happened, how I managed to beat you.
12 kizunatalk026_msg012 84 That's bull.
13 kizunatalk026_msg013 84 Huh?
14 kizunatalk026_msg014 84 Your journal is lying to you, Brighid! I never lost to you, not once!
15 kizunatalk026_msg015 84 I don't think so! Why else would I have written it down?
16 kizunatalk026_msg016 84 When, exactly? What kind of match was it?
17 kizunatalk026_msg017 84 It was in a camp in the Tornan borderlands, on the last day of training.
18 kizunatalk026_msg018 84 That doesn't sound right at all! It's nonsense!
19 kizunatalk026_msg021 165 How should I protest?
20 kizunatalk026_msg019 164 You're saying my journal is mistaken?
21 kizunatalk026_msg020 164 Are you calling me a liar?
22 kizunatalk026_msg101 84 I meant...that fight didn't count!
23 kizunatalk026_msg102 84 Didn't count? Explain.
24 kizunatalk026_msg103 84 That fight was right after I'd gone up against Haze. You begged me to take you on!
25 kizunatalk026_msg104 84 So that's why it doesn't count!
26 kizunatalk026_msg105 84 I see. You just don't want to acknowledge your defeat.
27 kizunatalk026_msg106 84 I told you, you didn't beat me!
28 kizunatalk026_msg107 84 This is really childish, Mythra.
29 kizunatalk026_msg108 84 It seems that you only won narrowly in most of our other bouts. I don't know how you can be so stubborn!
30 kizunatalk026_msg109 84 Hmmm. Are you sure your journal isn't just a load of fantasy trash-talk written down?
31 kizunatalk026_msg110 84 Mythra. You want a piece of me? Come get it!
32 kizunatalk026_msg111 84 Ladies, please! Making a mountain out of a molehill here, aren't we?
33 kizunatalk026_msg112 84 There's no need to brawl!
34 kizunatalk026_msg113 84 We're not brawling.
35 kizunatalk026_msg114 84 That's right. We're just training.
36 kizunatalk026_msg115 84 OK! Ready yourself! After so many years, let me set you straight!
37 kizunatalk026_msg116 84 I'll make it clear this time. You'll know I'm the better fighter once and for all!
38 kizunatalk026_msg117 84 Now, hold on! Not so fast! Will someone please intervene...?
39 kizunatalk026_msg201 84 The truth hurts, Brighid.
40 kizunatalk026_msg202 84 You purposefully waited for a time when I was tired out for that fight. That's a cowardly tactic.
41 kizunatalk026_msg203 84 Shut it! We were pretty evenly matched, my journal said!
42 kizunatalk026_msg204 84 We're almost level in terms of ability! There's nothing strange about me winning once in a while!
43 kizunatalk026_msg205 84 Hang on... Why were you recording stuff like that in so much detail anyway?
44 kizunatalk026_msg206 84 Let me get a look at that journal! I bet it needs a few corrections!
45 kizunatalk026_msg207 84 Cut that out! Don't you dare try to taint the truth!
46 kizunatalk026_msg208 84 Ah...Erm...
47 kizunatalk026_msg209 84 What?
48 kizunatalk026_msg210 84 Speak up!
49 kizunatalk026_msg211 84 Do you really thinks it's wise to quarrel like this?
50 kizunatalk026_msg212 84 This is not a quarrel, Dromarch. Withdraw, if you want to retain your whiskers.
51 kizunatalk026_msg213 84 That's right. This is just a friendly bit of rivalry. So keep your nose out of it!
52 kizunatalk026_msg215 84 Brighid. You will know my power today. For real.
53 kizunatalk026_msg216 84 Mythra... You're going to eat those words.
54 kizunatalk026_msg217 84 Well now... You two certainly have a strange concept of friendship.