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1 kizunatalk021_msg0001 84 Rex-Rex! Tora have to ask for friend, as fellow man's man!
2 kizunatalk021_msg0002 84 Tora want to gain understanding of life as adventurer!
3 kizunatalk021_msg0003 84 As an adventurer?
4 kizunatalk021_msg0004 84 Rex-Rex is role-model of Tora! That why Tora want to learn everything he can about being Rex-Rex!
5 kizunatalk021_msg0005 84 This is all very sudden, Tora. What's going on?
6 kizunatalk021_msg0006 84 Come now, Rex. Don't feel too important, he just wants to talk.
7 kizunatalk021_msg0007 84 In any case, it not so common for Masterpon to ask something so directly.
8 kizunatalk021_msg0008 84 Exactly! Tora being earnest like never before! Hm!
9 kizunatalk021_msg0009 84 Tora submit as evidence: this direct, unflinching eye contact!
10 kizunatalk021_msg0010 84 Wow, your pupils are really dilated...
11 kizunatalk021_msg0011 84 That's what you get, staying up all night...
12 kizunatalk021_msg0012 84 All right, tonight Masterpon go to bed early.
13 kizunatalk021_msg0013 84 Meh-meh-meh-meh! Enough! Tora's eyes are worry of Tora! It not matter!
14 kizunatalk021_msg0014 84 This important! Tora want to be like Rex-Rex!
15 kizunatalk021_msg0015 84 Rex-Rex! Please, teach Tora!
16 kizunatalk021_msg0016 165 How do I answer?
17 kizunatalk021_msg0017 164 I'll teach you all that life's taught me!
18 kizunatalk021_msg0018 164 Maybe it's better if Nia teaches you?
19 kizunatalk021_msg0101 84 Thank you! Tora cannot wait!
20 kizunatalk021_msg0102 84 All right, Tora, listen up. To become a responsible adult, here's what you need to do.
21 kizunatalk021_msg0103 84 Firstly, you've got to take good care of your tools!
22 kizunatalk021_msg0104 84 Ah, Tora very good at that! Runs Poppi's diagnostics every day!
23 kizunatalk021_msg0105 84 Indeed, Masterpon keep Poppi in impeccable state of maintenance.
24 kizunatalk021_msg0106 84 Secondly, you've got to take good care of your friends!
25 kizunatalk021_msg0107 84 If you don't have friends to rely on, you'll be in trouble when a big job comes around!
26 kizunatalk021_msg0108 84 Hum hum hum, Tora see...
27 kizunatalk021_msg0109 84 Tora always work alone until now, so that point still a little new to Tora.
28 kizunatalk021_msg0110 84 And most importantly, number three!
29 kizunatalk021_msg0111 84 Yes, yes?
30 kizunatalk021_msg0112 84 Correctly triangulating wreckage coordinates!
31 kizunatalk021_msg0113 84 Ah, of course! Tora can see that very important!
32 kizunatalk021_msg0114 84 ...One moment. Wreckage coordinates?
33 kizunatalk021_msg0115 84 That's right.
34 kizunatalk021_msg0116 84 If you mess up the coordinates, all the prep you've done goes down the drain.
35 kizunatalk021_msg0117 84 You might lose out on any loot you could've got otherwise...
36 kizunatalk021_msg0118 84 ... ...
37 kizunatalk021_msg0119 84 Um, Rex. Isn't that salvaging you're talking about...?
38 kizunatalk021_msg0120 84 Uh? Yeah, why?
39 kizunatalk021_msg0121 84 One moment please. Why Rex-Rex talking about salvaging?
40 kizunatalk021_msg0122 84 You wanted to know about adventure, yeah? And what greater adventure is there than salvaging?
41 kizunatalk021_msg0123 84 Tora want to know Driver wisdom! Have no use for salvager wisdom! Meh!
42 kizunatalk021_msg0124 84 Whuh?
43 kizunatalk021_msg0125 84 Masterpon, it seem that ask Rex about art of being Driver not bear fruit.
44 kizunatalk021_msg0126 84 After all, Rex is a rookie too...
45 kizunatalk021_msg0127 84 ...Tora is disappoint.
46 kizunatalk021_msg0128 84 I really thought you were thinking of being a salvager, Tora...
47 kizunatalk021_msg0129 84 ...Meh. It fine. Tora ask Nia.
48 kizunatalk021_msg0130 84 H-hang on, Tora!
49 kizunatalk021_msg0131 84 Let me... Let me try again!
50 kizunatalk021_msg0201 84 OK, so you want to know about being a Driver, right?
51 kizunatalk021_msg0202 84 Right!
52 kizunatalk021_msg0203 84 Does it bother Masterpon when someone say he no good at weapon pass?
53 kizunatalk021_msg0204 84 Of course it bother Tora!
54 kizunatalk021_msg0205 84 I mean, weapon pass is crucial element of Driver-Blade coordination...
55 kizunatalk021_msg0206 84 If someone say me not so great at that, Tora's self-esteem plunge is par for course!
56 kizunatalk021_msg0207 84 I know where you're coming from, but...
57 kizunatalk021_msg0208 84 Uh, maybe that's all the more reason to ask Nia? She's the experienced one around here...
58 kizunatalk021_msg0209 84 Mehhh... Tora get it. Will ask and come back...
59 kizunatalk021_msg0210 84 Nia just say, with time, body of Driver learn to do it by muscle memory...
60 kizunatalk021_msg0211 84 Answer seem somewhat...dismissive...?
61 kizunatalk021_msg0212 84 Ah, that's a shame...
62 kizunatalk021_msg0213 84 Hey, but, maybe I can still help?
63 kizunatalk021_msg0214 84 I think Pyra and I manage OK, so...
64 kizunatalk021_msg0215 84 Actually, Nia refer to Rex-Rex as well.
65 kizunatalk021_msg0216 84 Poppi believe "the kid's green as freshly mowed grass himself"... were her exact words.
66 kizunatalk021_msg0217 84
67 kizunatalk021_msg0218 84 Seriously?!
68 kizunatalk021_msg0219 84 That's what she thinks of me...?
69 kizunatalk021_msg0220 84 Chin up, Rex-Rex.
70 kizunatalk021_msg0221 84 Indeed! Have much time to live and learn!
71 kizunatalk021_msg0222 84 Yeah! We'll get there!
72 kizunatalk021_msg0223 84 He says he'll help, but then he's the one who needs pepping up...