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1 kizunatalk020_msg0001 84 Ladies and gentlepon, thank you for join us here today!
2 kizunatalk020_msg0002 84 We hope you enjoy performance of "Uraya Goes To War".
3 kizunatalk020_msg0003 84 This is gonna be so much fun!
4 kizunatalk020_msg0004 84 Are we the only ones watching? Where did Nia go off to?
5 kizunatalk020_msg0005 84 I dunno...
6 kizunatalk020_msg0006 84 Queen Raqura! Me think time has come to go to war with Mor Ardain!
7 kizunatalk020_msg0007 84 This is most sudden, War Minister.
8 kizunatalk020_msg0008 84 My lady...
9 kizunatalk020_msg0009 84 Wow, you're great, Nia!
10 kizunatalk020_msg0010 84 Shut it, you! I didn't ask to take part in this farce!
11 kizunatalk020_msg0011 84 Ahem. This not sudden, Your Majesty.
12 kizunatalk020_msg0012 84 We preparing for war ever since Mor Ardain take occupation of Gormott.
13 kizunatalk020_msg0013 84 Then the preparations are complete?
14 kizunatalk020_msg0014 84 Preparations go steady for long time, but we can quickly make complete.
15 kizunatalk020_msg0015 84 Mor Ardain soon try to conquer other countries aside from Gormott.
16 kizunatalk020_msg0016 84 We can not allow ambitions to succeed. Must start war at earliest possibility!
17 kizunatalk020_msg0017 84 I see...
18 kizunatalk020_msg0018 84 So be it, then. Let us make war.
19 kizunatalk020_msg0019 84 Wait one moment please!
20 kizunatalk020_msg0020 84 You have concerns, High Minister?
21 kizunatalk020_msg0021 84 Titan of Mor Ardain quickly becoming so barren, crops can not be grown.
22 kizunatalk020_msg0022 84 Meanwhile we have rich soil, producing much delicious Gromrice.
23 kizunatalk020_msg0023 84 Why bother with war when Mor Ardain collapse on its own from famine?
24 kizunatalk020_msg0024 84 A valid question.
25 kizunatalk020_msg0025 84 No, no. If we wait, Mor Ardain just conquer more territories like Gormott.
26 kizunatalk020_msg0026 84 With more territories, Mor Ardain become still greater threat!
27 kizunatalk020_msg0027 84 Even if Mor Ardain Titan collapse completely, may still be difficult to defeat whole Empire!
28 kizunatalk020_msg0028 84 There no need to be hasty.
29 kizunatalk020_msg0029 84 Mor Ardain still not have enough territory or supplies to properly provide for own people.
30 kizunatalk020_msg0030 84 Gormott alone not enough to support whole of Ardainian population.
31 kizunatalk020_msg0031 84 In other words, more prudent to wait for Mor Ardain to grow weaker before attacking.
32 kizunatalk020_msg0032 84 Your argument is compelling.
33 kizunatalk020_msg0033 84 That not happen today or tomorrow though!
34 kizunatalk020_msg0034 84 No! Might take many decades to happen, or even centuries!
35 kizunatalk020_msg0035 84 We can not allow Mor Ardain threat to remain longer than necessary!
36 kizunatalk020_msg0036 84 That quite true, but now is not time to rush into things!
37 kizunatalk020_msg0037 84 War preparations may be in progress, but still not in optimal condition!
38 kizunatalk020_msg0038 84 This argument never end. Your Majesty must make final decision!
39 kizunatalk020_msg0039 84 Huh? You want me to decide?
40 kizunatalk020_msg0040 84 Your Majesty is Queen of Uraya.
41 kizunatalk020_msg0041 84 Oh...yeah, right...
42 kizunatalk020_msg0042 165 What should I say?
43 kizunatalk020_msg0043 164 Let's go to war!
44 kizunatalk020_msg0044 164 Let's wait a little longer.
45 kizunatalk020_msg0045 84 ...
46 kizunatalk020_msg0046 84 ...
47 kizunatalk020_msg0047 84 What now? Did you both forget your lines?
48 kizunatalk020_msg0048 84 Script of "Uraya Goes To War" end here. No more lines to say.
49 kizunatalk020_msg0049 84 Thank you for coming today, everyone!
50 kizunatalk020_msg0050 84 I see, I see...
51 kizunatalk020_msg0051 84 By showing this play to the children, you'll get them to think for themselves about whether Uraya should go to war.
52 kizunatalk020_msg0052 84 That's quite clever, actually.
53 kizunatalk020_msg0053 84 It's a difficult question. I can see the kids having split opinions, too.
54 kizunatalk020_msg0054 84 You force me to take part in this thing and then it just ends like that?!
55 kizunatalk020_msg0055 84 This is SO not satisfying!