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1 kizunatalk010_msg0001 84 Amazing. You get a great view of the town from here, eh.
2 kizunatalk010_msg0002 84 Told ya so. When the Zekenator says there's a good view, he doesn't lie.
3 kizunatalk010_msg0003 84 Matter of fact, it's the best view in all of Torigoth.
4 kizunatalk010_msg0004 84 You're not from here, are you, Zeke?
5 kizunatalk010_msg0005 84 You seem to know quite a lot about the place.
6 kizunatalk010_msg0006 84 Well, you see...
7 kizunatalk010_msg0007 84 Last time I was here, the old geez at the inn gave me the lowdown.
8 kizunatalk010_msg0008 84 Oh right, you used to travel all over the place, didn't you?
9 kizunatalk010_msg0009 84 Do you know a lot about other places apart from Gormott, then?
10 kizunatalk010_msg0010 84 Oh, yes. You wouldn't believe some of the things I've seen.
11 kizunatalk010_msg0011 84 But listen, I want you to tell me something. What does this scenery right here make you think of?
12 kizunatalk010_msg0012 165 How should I answer?
13 kizunatalk010_msg0013 164 It's such a big, lively town.
14 kizunatalk010_msg0014 164 Honestly, I think I prefer Fonsett.
15 kizunatalk010_msg0101 84 Yeah. Hmmm. Sure.
16 kizunatalk010_msg0102 84 But, y'know... That's just a facade. It's what they want you to see.
17 kizunatalk010_msg0103 84 A facade?
18 kizunatalk010_msg0104 84 Yeah, exactly.
19 kizunatalk010_msg0105 84 Like, you know Gormott's a colony of Mor Ardain right now.
20 kizunatalk010_msg0106 84 Well, the only reason the town looks so lively is 'cos Mor Ardain has a military base here.
21 kizunatalk010_msg0107 84 Most other settlements in Gormott, everyone's doing hard work like farming and lumberjacking.
22 kizunatalk010_msg0108 84 And most of what they produce, they export to Mor Ardain.
23 kizunatalk010_msg0109 84 It's quite a tough life here. A lot of folks are struggling.
24 kizunatalk010_msg0110 84 ...
25 kizunatalk010_msg0111 84 And it's not just Gormott, either.
26 kizunatalk010_msg0112 84 I've seen a good few dark underbellies on my travels, no doubt about it.
27 kizunatalk010_msg0113 84 Did you ever try to help those people out?
28 kizunatalk010_msg0114 84 Ah, so many times.
29 kizunatalk010_msg0115 84 I had it in my head that the Zekenator had the power to fix anything.
30 kizunatalk010_msg0116 84 But...fancy sword skills and titles... They aren't much use to most folks.
31 kizunatalk010_msg0117 84 I was trying to save the world alone. But what happened is that reality bit me on the arse.
32 kizunatalk010_msg0118 84 Hey, don't look at it like that.
33 kizunatalk010_msg0119 84 Huh?
34 kizunatalk010_msg0120 84 Sure, maybe you don't have the power to save the whole world right now.
35 kizunatalk010_msg0121 84 But there are definitely people out there you have helped. Me and Pyra, for a start.
36 kizunatalk010_msg0122 84 So Zeke, don't ever give up.
37 kizunatalk010_msg0123 84 Don't forget, you've got some people you can count on now.
38 kizunatalk010_msg0124 84 Yeah, you're right.
39 kizunatalk010_msg0125 84 You really are. I dunno what I was thinking.
40 kizunatalk010_msg0126 84 It's not just the Zekenator now. I've got you guys watching my back.
41 kizunatalk010_msg0127 84 Some of the things I couldn't do back then might even be possible now.
42 kizunatalk010_msg0128 84 Right?
43 kizunatalk010_msg0129 84 So let's keep doing what we can. All of us, together.
44 kizunatalk010_msg0130 84 Yeah! I just gotta put my back into it.
45 kizunatalk010_msg0131 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Anger ]Look out, world! The Zekenator's coming to rock your socks off!
46 kizunatalk010_msg0132 84 Whew! That sure felt good. Your turn, Rex! Let your manifesto out!
47 kizunatalk010_msg0133 84 Erm...
48 kizunatalk010_msg0134 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Anger ]I'm gonna get Pyra and Mythra to Elysium, or die trying!
49 kizunatalk010_msg0135 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Anger ]Yeeehaaaa!
50 kizunatalk010_msg0136 84 What are you two DOING?!
51 kizunatalk010_msg0137 84 You're embarrassing me...
52 kizunatalk010_msg0201 84 Fonsett's a peaceful village, right? War hasn't really reached it?
53 kizunatalk010_msg0202 84 Yeah. That's right.
54 kizunatalk010_msg0203 84 Problem is, most villages in Alrest can't say the same.
55 kizunatalk010_msg0204 84 What do you mean exactly?
56 kizunatalk010_msg0205 84 Listen up, chum. What you see on the surface? That's not the whole story.
57 kizunatalk010_msg0206 84 A lot of places that look like they're doing well have a lot of people suffering in the shadows.
58 kizunatalk010_msg0207 84 Even here in Gormott?
59 kizunatalk010_msg0208 84 Sure as. You can see Torigoth doing great, same as the other towns where there's an Ardainian army base.
60 kizunatalk010_msg0209 84 But most other settlements in Gormott? They scrape by on hard labor like farming and lumberjacking.
61 kizunatalk010_msg0210 84 And most of what they produce, they export to Mor Ardain.
62 kizunatalk010_msg0211 84 It's quite a tough life here. A lot of folks are struggling.
63 kizunatalk010_msg0212 84 And it's not just Gormott, either.
64 kizunatalk010_msg0213 84 I've seen a whole bunch of places like this, and they make me realize how powerless I am.
65 kizunatalk010_msg0214 84 ...
66 kizunatalk010_msg0215 84 Zeke, you aren't powerless.
67 kizunatalk010_msg0216 84 You never stop wanting to help people.
68 kizunatalk010_msg0217 84 Even now, you're thinking about the people who really need your help.
69 kizunatalk010_msg0218 84 Exactly how a future king should think.
70 kizunatalk010_msg0219 84 Hey, don't take the piss.
71 kizunatalk010_msg0220 84 I mean it.
72 kizunatalk010_msg0221 84 I'm all spent just worrying about the people right in front of me.
73 kizunatalk010_msg0222 84 Pyra, Mythra, Nia, Gramps...
74 kizunatalk010_msg0223 84 But it seems like you're always worrying about the wider world.
75 kizunatalk010_msg0224 84 Like, people whose names you don't even know.
76 kizunatalk010_msg0225 84 It's something I really admire about you, Zeke. I hope I can learn to care as much as you do.
77 kizunatalk010_msg0226 84 Man, you always know what to say. You're such a...focused guy.
78 kizunatalk010_msg0227 84 Haha. Gramps said I should pay more attention to the world around me, though.
79 kizunatalk010_msg0228 84 Tell you what then, chum.
80 kizunatalk010_msg0229 84 While you focus on your main goals, I'll keep an eye on the big picture for you.
81 kizunatalk010_msg0230 84 Yeah. I know I can count on you.
82 kizunatalk010_msg0231 84 Damn right you can!
83 kizunatalk010_msg0232 84 Oh, what a pair.
84 kizunatalk010_msg0233 84 I find it really inspiring.
85 kizunatalk010_msg0234 84 Yeah, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little inspired.