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1 kizunatalk006_msg0001 84 We're back here...
2 kizunatalk006_msg0002 84 This is where my whole adventure with Rex really began.
3 kizunatalk006_msg0003 84 Oh, right. This must be the spot where you and Rex washed up.
4 kizunatalk006_msg0004 84 Though we only made it here thanks to Gramps's efforts.
5 kizunatalk006_msg0005 84 And those efforts are the reason I'm like this now...
6 kizunatalk006_msg0006 84 Well, if you stayed that big you couldn't exactly travel with us. I'd say you're just right!
7 kizunatalk006_msg0007 84 If I was my old self, I'd be able to carry you anywhere!
8 kizunatalk006_msg0008 84 Well, anywhere within reason. The World Tree would be pushing it.
9 kizunatalk006_msg0009 84 Amazing!
10 kizunatalk006_msg0010 84 So how long it take you to get to Argentum from here?
11 kizunatalk006_msg0011 84 At the current separation, let's see... About ten days travel.
12 kizunatalk006_msg0012 84 That long?!
13 kizunatalk006_msg0013 84 "You'd do it faster than that or you'd taste the whip!" is what I'm hearing.
14 kizunatalk006_msg0014 84 Of course that's not what I mean. But that's like three or four days by boat.
15 kizunatalk006_msg0015 84 My apologies. I'm not as young as I used to be.
16 kizunatalk006_msg0016 84 What is point of worrying now Gramps not big any more?
17 kizunatalk006_msg0017 84 True enough. That old body is a thing of the past!
18 kizunatalk006_msg0018 84 Well I think you are adorable like this. I like it.
19 kizunatalk006_msg0019 84 Well, that's very kind of you, Pyra.
20 kizunatalk006_msg0020 84 Are you blushing, oldster?
21 kizunatalk006_msg0021 84 Tell me, Rex. Do you ever wish I was in my old form?
22 kizunatalk006_msg0022 165 Which form do I prefer?
23 kizunatalk006_msg0023 164 I liked it better when you were big.
24 kizunatalk006_msg0024 164 I think you're better like this.
25 kizunatalk006_msg0101 84 Oh... Is that so...
26 kizunatalk006_msg0102 84 I suppose you found me very useful as a Titan.
27 kizunatalk006_msg0103 84 Huh?
28 kizunatalk006_msg0104 84 I provided a home...carried you from place to place... Not to mention the salvaging crane stuck you-know-where.
29 kizunatalk006_msg0105 84 That's not really what I meant!
30 kizunatalk006_msg0106 84 It's just that you were so big and dependable. Like a dad, or, well, a real grandpa.
31 kizunatalk006_msg0107 84 Besides, I knew you in that form for most of my life.
32 kizunatalk006_msg0108 84 Everyone else only really knows you like this, but I'm not used to it.
33 kizunatalk006_msg0109 84 Rex has a point.
34 kizunatalk006_msg0110 84 The time when I knew you before, Azurda, is very faint in my mind. This is the Gramps I'm used to.
35 kizunatalk006_msg0111 84 Tora cannot imagine big Gramps!
36 kizunatalk006_msg0112 84 Poppi never seen big Gramps, so also cannot picture.
37 kizunatalk006_msg0113 84 Right? That's what I thought. It's all about what you're used to.
38 kizunatalk006_msg0114 84 Hmmm... I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.
39 kizunatalk006_msg0115 84 Though I know you're really just pining for the days when you could travel in comfort on my back.
40 kizunatalk006_msg0201 84 Oho... You prefer me this way?
41 kizunatalk006_msg0202 84 It's cool to have you riding on MY back for a change!
42 kizunatalk006_msg0203 84 I'm not much more than a beginner at this whole Driver thing...
43 kizunatalk006_msg0204 84 Just hearing you encourage me from behind really sets my heart at ease.
44 kizunatalk006_msg0205 84 And when you were big, we couldn't just, y'know, hang out or walk together. I like being able to stay close.
45 kizunatalk006_msg0206 84 I see, I see...
46 kizunatalk006_msg0207 84 You look rather pleased, Azurda.
47 kizunatalk006_msg0208 84 If I were to be honest, Rex's helmet is a little cramped.
48 kizunatalk006_msg0209 84 Not to mention the jolting and bumping and bouncing around. It's enough to make me lose my lunch at times.
49 kizunatalk006_msg0210 84 But hearing Rex say that, for the first time it made me think that perhaps this was actually a good thing.
50 kizunatalk006_msg0211 84 I'm sorry about the jolting. Looks like I've gotta get used to this situation too.
51 kizunatalk006_msg0212 84 That's all right, Rex. I'll keep the words of encouragement coming!
52 kizunatalk006_msg0213 84 I shall endeavor to become ever more reliable!
53 kizunatalk006_msg0214 84 Um...
54 kizunatalk006_msg0215 84 Actually, if you're planning on nagging me constantly, maybe I'll pass...
55 kizunatalk006_msg0216 84 Yeah, I wouldn't want to have Dromarch's nagging voice in my ear all the time, either...
56 kizunatalk006_msg0217 84 Cheeky sods!