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1 kizunatalk005_msg0001 84 Masterpon, Poppi have question.
2 kizunatalk005_msg0002 84 Pursuit of learning is good thing. Ask anything and Tora will answer!
3 kizunatalk005_msg0003 84 Cloud Sea clearly visible from here.
4 kizunatalk005_msg0004 84 Height of Cloud Sea is different at different times. Why height change?
5 kizunatalk005_msg0005 84 Meh-meh?! W-well, um...
6 kizunatalk005_msg0006 84 Tora let Rex-Rex answer that one!
7 kizunatalk005_msg0007 84 Rex, why cloud height change?
8 kizunatalk005_msg0008 84 Well, let's see now...
9 kizunatalk005_msg0009 84 As you can probably see, the Cloud Sea isn't made out of water.
10 kizunatalk005_msg0010 84 So its surface isn't always completely flat.
11 kizunatalk005_msg0011 84 Maybe it's easier if you compare it to the clouds in the sky. They come in all different shapes, right?
12 kizunatalk005_msg0012 84 Some clouds very flat... Other clouds big and fluffy!
13 kizunatalk005_msg0013 84 Yep, that's what I mean.
14 kizunatalk005_msg0014 84 And the shape doesn't stay the same forever.
15 kizunatalk005_msg0015 84 The Cloud Sea is the same way. It's not always a flat surface, sometimes it gets...fluffed up.
16 kizunatalk005_msg0016 84 The height and shape of it isn't constant.
17 kizunatalk005_msg0017 84 It's always changing. Not suddenly, like the weather, but gradually.
18 kizunatalk005_msg0018 84 It's more likely than not to change overnight.
19 kizunatalk005_msg0019 84 Yeah. That sounds about right.
20 kizunatalk005_msg0020 84 Very interesting.
21 kizunatalk005_msg0021 84 Oh, but it's only the Titans like this one and the Mor Ardain Titan that affect the Cloud Sea's height.
22 kizunatalk005_msg0022 84 Ones like the Trade Guild Titan Goldmouth just float on the surface, so they don't affect it.
23 kizunatalk005_msg0023 84 Makes lots of sense!
24 kizunatalk005_msg0024 84 I guess that's about the extent of what I know.
25 kizunatalk005_msg0025 84 Very much thanks, Rex. Poppi learn a lot!
26 kizunatalk005_msg0026 84 Rex must know lots of things. Poppi have even more questions to ask!
27 kizunatalk005_msg0027 84 Uh, really? I don't know if I can answer everything...
28 kizunatalk005_msg0028 84 Poppi...
29 kizunatalk005_msg0029 165 What me say to Poppi?
30 kizunatalk005_msg0030 164 Should not bother Rex-Rex too much!
31 kizunatalk005_msg0031 164 Try ask Dromarch instead!
32 kizunatalk005_msg0101 84 Hmmm... OK then.
33 kizunatalk005_msg0102 84 Poppi leave questions there for now.
34 kizunatalk005_msg0103 84 Thanks, Tora.
35 kizunatalk005_msg0104 84 I know quite a lot about the Cloud Sea because of my salvaging work, but I'm not so hot on general knowledge.
36 kizunatalk005_msg0105 84 I probably wouldn't have been able to answer anything else...
37 kizunatalk005_msg0106 84 Don't worry, Rex.
38 kizunatalk005_msg0107 84 If you don't know the answer, there's always a chance that I will!
39 kizunatalk005_msg0108 84 Thanks, Pyra.
40 kizunatalk005_msg0109 84 And if even I don't know, we can still fall back on Azurda.
41 kizunatalk005_msg0110 84 True enough. I've been around for quite a while, so I could most likely answer any questions Poppi might have.
42 kizunatalk005_msg0111 84 And there's Dromarch as well. Between us, I'm sure we could find an answer to most questions.
43 kizunatalk005_msg0112 84 You're not wrong there. If all of us work together, we can figure out pretty much anything!
44 kizunatalk005_msg0113 84 I guess it's not just battle where teamwork is important!
45 kizunatalk005_msg0114 84 Yeah!
46 kizunatalk005_msg0201 84 That's a good idea. I reckon Dromarch is more knowledgeable than I am.
47 kizunatalk005_msg0202 84 Oh, you flatter me. I'm no expert compared to our resident Titan.
48 kizunatalk005_msg0203 84 Wha- Don't drag me into this!
49 kizunatalk005_msg0204 84 I have no memories of the time before I bonded with my lady, after all.
50 kizunatalk005_msg0205 84 That's no reason to throw me into the cooking pot!
51 kizunatalk005_msg0206 84 What am I supposed to say if Poppi asks "Where do babies come from?" or something like that?!
52 kizunatalk005_msg0207 84 Tell her they are delivered by a flying Tirkin.
53 kizunatalk005_msg0208 84 That kind of quick thinking is why you're a better man for the job.
54 kizunatalk005_msg0209 84 Ah, you overestimate me.
55 kizunatalk005_msg0210 84 Still, if the mighty Titan is not willing, I suppose we will have to rely on my lady instead.
56 kizunatalk005_msg0211 84 Hoooold it, Dromarch. I want no part in this mess!
57 kizunatalk005_msg0212 84 Masterpon, Poppi think Poppi already learn something.
58 kizunatalk005_msg0213 84 Learn what?
59 kizunatalk005_msg0214 84 This what people mean when they talk about "passing the buck"!