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1 kizunatalk002_msg001 84 Hey, Brighid! I found something interesting in that shop over there.
2 kizunatalk002_msg002 84 Interesting?
3 kizunatalk002_msg003 84 Yep. Here it is.
4 kizunatalk002_msg004 84 What is that thing? It looks...quite grotesque...
5 kizunatalk002_msg005 84 Why, that's an Argentum Monkfish.
6 kizunatalk002_msg006 84 You are familiar with this creature, Lady Mòrag?
7 kizunatalk002_msg007 84 It's a rare delicacy that is only found in the waters around here. Rather tasty.
8 kizunatalk002_msg008 84 this monstrous fish thing?
9 kizunatalk002_msg009 84 It might not look appetizing, but I've heard the taste is divine.
10 kizunatalk002_msg010 84 Since it's so rare, I thought I'd cook something up with it, but I'm not sure how...
11 kizunatalk002_msg011 84 Mòrag, do you know? Do tell, please!
12 kizunatalk002_msg231 165 How should I respond...?
13 kizunatalk002_msg012 164 I'm not that great a cook...
14 kizunatalk002_msg013 164 ...Very well, I'll do it.
15 kizunatalk002_msg101 84 Oh, no, that's fine! I'm happy to do the messy part.
16 kizunatalk002_msg102 84 I just need you to tell me the steps, and then if you could add the spices...
17 kizunatalk002_msg103 84 Well, if that is all, I suppose it should be...fine...
18 kizunatalk002_msg104 84 Are you certain, Lady Mòrag? About the spices and everything?
19 kizunatalk002_msg105 84 D-don't you worry. Have some faith in my taste buds...
20 kizunatalk002_msg106 84 Right then. So, first, how should we cook it...?
21 kizunatalk002_msg107 84 ...A fine question. Many would eat it grilled, or sliced raw, but I hear it tastes best in a stew.
22 kizunatalk002_msg108 84 Sounds great! Well then, Mòrag, can I ask you to get the stock ready?
23 kizunatalk002_msg109 84 Of course. If I recall, that's made by boiling the guts...
24 kizunatalk002_msg110 84 I think I can leave you to it then! I'll go buy the other ingredients.
25 kizunatalk002_msg111 84 ...Roger.
26 kizunatalk002_msg112 84 ...
27 kizunatalk002_msg113 84 ...Brighid?
28 kizunatalk002_msg114 84 Yes, Lady Mòrag?
29 kizunatalk002_msg115 84 Do we have to begin by gutting this ugly little creature?
30 kizunatalk002_msg116 84 Well, I should think so. Can you do it?
31 kizunatalk002_msg117 84 Erm... I'm not even really sure which part the guts are...
32 kizunatalk002_msg118 84 That would be the parts on the inside. Consider using a knife.
33 kizunatalk002_msg119 84 Right...
34 kizunatalk002_msg120 84 ...Brighid?
35 kizunatalk002_msg121 84 Yes, what is it now?
36 kizunatalk002_msg122 84 The heart... The heart is still beating!
37 kizunatalk002_msg123 84 What should I do? Should I deliver the coup de grâce?
38 kizunatalk002_msg124 84 I-indeed, that seems wise. We don't want it fighting back.
39 kizunatalk002_msg125 84 Brighid!
40 kizunatalk002_msg126 84 It's...looking at me with those eyes, and moving those lips, like it's accusing me of something...
41 kizunatalk002_msg127 84 It's cursing me for taking its heart!
42 kizunatalk002_msg128 84 It's no use... I can't torment the dead any further...
43 kizunatalk002_msg129 84 Brighid, I'll leave the rest to you.
44 kizunatalk002_msg130 84 Wait just a minute! You can't force me to do your dirty work!
45 kizunatalk002_msg131 84 I'm sorry, but I must!
46 kizunatalk002_msg132 84 Lady Mòrag! Are you deserting in the face of the enemy?!
47 kizunatalk002_msg201 84 Lady Mòrag, if I may. Is this really wise...?
48 kizunatalk002_msg202 84 Oh, don't you worry yourself.
49 kizunatalk002_msg203 84 Shall we start by gutting the fish, then?
50 kizunatalk002_msg204 84 Excuse me?
51 kizunatalk002_msg205 84 What's the matter?
52 kizunatalk002_msg206 84 ...Gut it? Gut this creature?
53 kizunatalk002_msg207 84 Well, yes. We can't exactly cook it like that.
54 kizunatalk002_msg208 84 ...Ahem. Understood. Life is a battlefield. Let us commence.
55 kizunatalk002_msg209 84 Show it who's boss, Lady Mòrag!
56 kizunatalk002_msg210 84 ...
57 kizunatalk002_msg211 84 ...Brighid.
58 kizunatalk002_msg212 84 Yes?
59 kizunatalk002_msg213 84 Please hold down its head.
60 kizunatalk002_msg214 84 Wh-wha...?! No, I, er, that is... I'd rather not...touch it.
61 kizunatalk002_msg215 84 It's just a little tricky to make the incision when it keeps...staring at me...
62 kizunatalk002_msg216 84 Qu-quite true, but...
63 kizunatalk002_msg217 84 For the love of the Architect, do it! Please, at least cover its eyes for me!
64 kizunatalk002_msg218 84 Y-yes, Ma'am. We cannot let a mere fish get the best of us!
65 kizunatalk002_msg219 84 Eeeeeeeeeeek!
66 kizunatalk002_msg220 84 What's wrong?!
67 kizunatalk002_msg221 84 It...It looked me in the eye! Is this thing still alive?!
68 kizunatalk002_msg222 84 Can it be?! Then I must end it before it strikes!
69 kizunatalk002_msg223 84 It's opening its foul maw?!
70 kizunatalk002_msg224 84 Lady Mòrag, the enemy means to eat us! Quickly, the finishing blow!
71 kizunatalk002_msg225 84 Very well! Hellfire!
72 kizunatalk002_msg226 84 No, wait! If you do that, the food will be-
73 kizunatalk002_msg227 84 ...Well, Brighid?
74 kizunatalk002_msg228 84 As befits the Flamebringer. The foe is extinguished without a trace.
75 kizunatalk002_msg229 84 Phew. Our mission here is done.
76 kizunatalk002_msg230 84 What do you think you're doing?! There's nothing left for us to eat!