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1 kizunatalk001_msg0001 84 ...
2 kizunatalk001_msg0002 84 Well, Pyra? Did you manage to talk to them?
3 kizunatalk001_msg0003 84 I did. We had a pleasant chat.
4 kizunatalk001_msg0004 84 What did you talk about?
5 kizunatalk001_msg0005 84 Everything that's happened since I met you.
6 kizunatalk001_msg0006 84 And I told them not to worry because I'm going to do everything in my power to look after you.
7 kizunatalk001_msg0007 84 I'm sorry, what? I can look after myself, thank you very much.
8 kizunatalk001_msg0008 84 I think not.
9 kizunatalk001_msg0009 84 If you go off on your own, you'll just get yourself into trouble.
10 kizunatalk001_msg0010 84 Hohoho! Already bickering like you're a married couple, eh?
11 kizunatalk001_msg0011 84 Hey! Gramps!
12 kizunatalk001_msg0012 84 C-couple?! But really, I didn't mean to...
13 kizunatalk001_msg0013 84 Ahahaha! It was just a joke.
14 kizunatalk001_msg0014 84 Besides, you have to have that sort of mettle to deal with Rex.
15 kizunatalk001_msg0015 84 Come on, Azurda, cut it out!
16 kizunatalk001_msg0016 84 Anyhow, we've done what we have to here, right? Time we should be getting back.
17 kizunatalk001_msg0017 84 Oh, we're leaving already? Can't we talk for a little more?
18 kizunatalk001_msg0018 84 We can do that when we get back, can't we?
19 kizunatalk001_msg0019 84 That's true, but the two of us rarely get the opportunity to talk alone like this.
20 kizunatalk001_msg0020 84 I'm not sure you can say "alone" when we've got Gramps tagging along...
21 kizunatalk001_msg0021 84 Eh? This old fogey getting in the way? You want me to shove off?
22 kizunatalk001_msg0022 84 No one's telling you to shove off, Azurda. Stop being such a child!
23 kizunatalk001_msg0023 84 Hohoho! Youth is a beautiful thing.
24 kizunatalk001_msg0024 84 All right, what was it you wanted to talk about?
25 kizunatalk001_msg0025 165 What should I ask?
26 kizunatalk001_msg0026 164 Do you miss your mom and dad?
27 kizunatalk001_msg0027 164 Have you always sent money home?
28 kizunatalk001_msg0101 84 Hmm...I don't really know. What makes you ask?
29 kizunatalk001_msg0102 84 Well, I'm a Blade, so I don't really know much about parents. I was wondering what it's like to have them.
30 kizunatalk001_msg0103 84 Hmm... I'm not sure how to explain it.
31 kizunatalk001_msg0104 84 All I know about my parents is what Gramps and Auntie Corinne have told me.
32 kizunatalk001_msg0105 84 Honestly, I have hardly any memory of them myself. It doesn't really feel real.
33 kizunatalk001_msg0106 84 Isn't that sort of sad?
34 kizunatalk001_msg0107 84 Not "sad" exactly... I've just never really thought much about them.
35 kizunatalk001_msg0108 84 Oh, I see.
36 kizunatalk001_msg0109 84 I mean, it's Gramps and the villagers who've looked after me this whole time.
37 kizunatalk001_msg0110 84 They're my family. Everyone in the village is.
38 kizunatalk001_msg0111 84 And when you've got all these mums, dads, brothers and sisters, it's kind of hard to feel sad, you know?
39 kizunatalk001_msg0112 84 The downside to a big family is that you can't go a day without getting an earful from someone, eh!
40 kizunatalk001_msg0113 84 Hey, give it a rest!
41 kizunatalk001_msg0201 84 Yeah, I've been sending money back pretty much ever since I left the village to set off to become a salvager.
42 kizunatalk001_msg0202 84 I mean, take a look around. There's nothing here.
43 kizunatalk001_msg0203 84 Trade with other countries doesn't really cut it, and being self-sufficient only goes so far.
44 kizunatalk001_msg0204 84 What I earn is a pittance, but it's better than nothing, I think.
45 kizunatalk001_msg0205 84 But it can't be easy for you either, living the way you do...
46 kizunatalk001_msg0206 84 You shouldn't push yourself so hard.
47 kizunatalk001_msg0207 84 Mmm, I guess. But I can't really leave my family out in the lurch either.
48 kizunatalk001_msg0208 84 Your family? You mean the villagers?
49 kizunatalk001_msg0209 84 That's right. Everyone in the village is like family to me.
50 kizunatalk001_msg0210 84 I'll do everything in my power to help them!
51 kizunatalk001_msg0211 84 They're all very grateful to Rex for his work.
52 kizunatalk001_msg0212 84 Never thought a mischievous brat like you'd grow some backbone!
53 kizunatalk001_msg0213 84 Who are you calling a brat?!
54 kizunatalk001_msg0301 84 Hahaha!
55 kizunatalk001_msg0302 84 What? What's so funny?
56 kizunatalk001_msg0303 84 Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude.
57 kizunatalk001_msg0304 84 I just couldn't help but admire your way of thinking.
58 kizunatalk001_msg0305 84 I'd love to have a family as big as yours, Rex.
59 kizunatalk001_msg0306 84 What are you talking about, Pyra? You're already part of the family.
60 kizunatalk001_msg0307 84 ...So can we take this as confession of love?
61 kizunatalk001_msg0308 84 Very bold of you to do so in front of your parents, my boy!
62 kizunatalk001_msg0309 84 Wha-?! Rex, hold on a second!
63 kizunatalk001_msg0310 84 N-no! That's not what I was trying to say!
64 kizunatalk001_msg0311 84 You, Nia, Mòrag, Zeke, and Tora too...
65 kizunatalk001_msg0312 84 All of you... You're all family to me.
66 kizunatalk001_msg0313 84 So there's no reason to feel sad or lonely, that's what I'm trying to say!
67 kizunatalk001_msg0314 84 Huh, so much for the boy having backbone. Sorry, Pyra, this one's going to be hard work.
68 kizunatalk001_msg0315 84 ...Hahaha! That's all right. I've got a surprising amount of patience.
69 kizunatalk001_msg0316 84 Oi! What are you two going on about? Jeez...