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1 fev11_740_150_msg0001 84 ...Malos is close. I can sense him.
2 fev11_740_150_msg0002 84 So this is it then. The final battle.
3 fev11_740_150_msg0003 84 What shall we do? We may never get another chance like this.
4 fev11_740_150_msg0004 84 Yeah...
5 fev11_740_150_msg0005 165 Proceed to the final battle?
6 fev11_740_150_msg0006 165 Proceed
7 fev11_740_150_msg0007 165 Not yet...
8 fev11_740_150_msg0008 84 All right then. I, too, think it is time for us to make a stand.
9 fev11_740_150_msg0009 84 Think only of the battle, Majesty. Brighid and I are here to protect you to the end.
10 fev11_740_150_msg0010 84 Indeed, we, the Jewels of Mor Ardain, are sworn to serve you, for now and for ever.
11 fev11_740_150_msg0011 84 Brighid, Aegaeon... I trust you with my life.
12 fev11_740_150_msg0012 84 I will write of this battle in my journal. It will be a story for the ages.
13 fev11_740_150_msg0013 84 Yeah, with the power we command, there is absolutely no way we can lose.
14 fev11_740_150_msg0014 84 Who needs modesty, eh, Aegis? Though I suppose you of all people probably don't, come to think of it...
15 fev11_740_150_msg0015 84 Malos and I may be evenly matched, but with all of you by my side, it tips the balance.
16 fev11_740_150_msg0016 84 He's got no one but himself to rely on. And that's why he's going down.
17 fev11_740_150_msg0017 84 Mythra... You've really changed.
18 fev11_740_150_msg0018 84 Oh...y-you think? Wonder who's to blame for that. You Drivers must really rub off on people...
19 fev11_740_150_msg0019 84 It's not just that. Hell, if that were the case, I'd be some kind of street preacher by now.
20 fev11_740_150_msg0020 84 When you put it that way, I can't help feeling just the slightest twinge of pity for our dear Quaestor.
21 fev11_740_150_msg0021 84 I'm sorry, but I must sympathize with Minoth. I couldn't imagine having to be the Blade of such a horrid man...
22 fev11_740_150_msg0022 84 It's true. The rest of us are lucky to have such caring Lora.
23 fev11_740_150_msg0023 84 I'll have you know, we're just as lucky to have such loyal companions by our side, Jin.
24 fev11_740_150_msg0024 84 I couldn't have put it better.
25 fev11_740_150_msg0025 84 Thank you, Jin... Thank you, everyone...
26 fev11_740_150_msg0026 84 Right! Let's knock Malos off his high horse and then get ourselves out of here, back to the boys!
27 fev11_740_150_msg0027 84 Indeed, you are wise to be cautious.
28 fev11_740_150_msg0028 84 Agreed. This is a battle we simply can't lose. If we're going to confront Malos, we need to be at peak performance.