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1 fev11_670_175_msg0001 84 It looks as if we're almost ready to proceed with the evacuation.
2 fev11_670_175_msg0002 84 If it wasn't for all your support, we might never have been able to pull this off. I thank you, in the name of Torna.
3 fev11_670_175_msg0003 84 I don't know why you're thanking me. I'm a knight now, remember?
4 fev11_670_175_msg0004 84 And you know what else?
5 fev11_670_175_msg0005 84 ...
6 fev11_670_175_msg0006 84 I'm really starting to like this place.
7 fev11_670_175_msg0007 84 You get to see so many different walks of life here. It's a real melting pot.
8 fev11_670_175_msg0008 84 I've noticed that. So many intertwining lives, all together in one place...
9 fev11_670_175_msg0009 84 I have felt the same about the cities of Mor Ardain. There is much to like about their urban environs.
10 fev11_670_175_msg0010 84 You're making me want to pay a visit now!
11 fev11_670_175_msg0011 84 Then we can all go together. We'll finish off Malos and take Hugo back home personally.
12 fev11_670_175_msg0012 84 Oh, yes please!
13 fev11_670_175_msg0013 84 We will welcome you with open arms. The streets will be awash with cheer!
14 fev11_670_175_msg0014 84 Uh, I'd appreciate it if we could skip any of the formal stuff...
15 fev11_670_175_msg0015 84 ...Hey. Listen...
16 fev11_670_175_msg0016 84 Do you think we'll...even stand a chance? Against Malos?
17 fev11_670_175_msg0017 84 Haven't a clue. His power seems so far off the charts, I couldn't even guess.
18 fev11_670_175_msg0018 84 He still has his limits. And besides...
19 fev11_670_175_msg0019 84 Addam's never been able to handle me as effectively as he can now.
20 fev11_670_175_msg0020 84 That's right! Master Addam's more than prepared to take that creep down now!
21 fev11_670_175_msg0021 84 And we'll be right there to watch it happen! Won't we, Mik?
22 fev11_670_175_msg0022 84 We've come this far... May as well go see it through...
23 fev11_670_175_msg0023 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Think ]Those lads...
24 fev11_670_175_msg0024 84 You're not serious?
25 fev11_670_175_msg0025 84 Do you know how dangerous it is to be even remotely near Malos?
26 fev11_670_175_msg0026 84 Just by tagging along with us, you're putting your lives on the line!
27 fev11_670_175_msg0027 84 Oh, and I suppose we've been perfectly safe up till now as well, have we? We know what we're getting into, OK?!
28 fev11_670_175_msg0028 84 You don't know what you're talking about!
29 fev11_670_175_msg0029 84 Mythra, drop it. Come on, let's head back to the inn.
30 fev11_670_175_msg0030 84 I want to get a good night's sleep before the decisive battle.
31 fev11_670_175_msg0031 84 Very wise.
32 fev11_670_175_msg0032 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Think ]I'll really have to talk this through with Mikhail and Milton...