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1 fev11_590_170_msg0001 84 Come on. We shouldn't keep our old friend waiting any longer. Time for us to make a move.
2 fev11_590_170_msg0002 84 The Tornan womb, he said. So is that going to be inside the titan's belly?
3 fev11_590_170_msg0003 84 You'll know soon enough.
4 fev11_590_170_msg0004 84 This isn't the time for games, you know.
5 fev11_590_170_msg0005 84 It would have to be a cavity of considerable size for Azurda to fit inside.
6 fev11_590_170_msg0006 84 It would.
7 fev11_590_170_msg0007 84 We should head for the front entrance, then turn left. That way we'll come to a back gate.
8 fev11_590_170_msg0008 84 If we head down past there, it should take us to the womb's entrance.
9 fev11_590_170_msg0009 84 OK. We'd better catch up to Azurda then!