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1 fev11_190_150_msg0001 84 Thank you, Jin.
2 fev11_190_150_msg0002 84 I'm all right now. Really.
3 fev11_190_150_msg0003 84 Are you sure? If you're trying to put on a brave face, then-
4 fev11_190_150_msg0004 84 It's fine! ...It's fine.
5 fev11_190_150_msg0005 84 Hey, guys... Do you think we could go back to the village again?
6 fev11_190_150_msg0006 84 Did you notice something?
7 fev11_190_150_msg0007 84 No, nothing like that...
8 fev11_190_150_msg0008 84 I was just thinking maybe we could bring back something to offer to the rest of the graves, besides Mother's.
9 fev11_190_150_msg0009 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Think ]They were all burned to ashes... Is there really any point?
10 fev11_190_150_msg0010 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Think ]Really? We didn't find anything last time...
11 fev11_190_150_msg0011 84 ...
12 fev11_190_150_msg0012 84 All right. We can all look together.
13 fev11_190_150_msg0013 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Think ]If it helps give you closure...