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1 fev11_170_150_msg0001 84 Lady Lora, welcome to Lascham Cove.
2 fev11_170_150_msg0002 84 So this is Gormott, huh? It's so pretty... I think the grass really is greener on the other side!
3 fev11_170_150_msg0003 84 It is kind of a dream destination, isn't it?
4 fev11_170_150_msg0004 84 And that's exactly why everyone's trying to claim it for themselves. Ruining it for everyone else.
5 fev11_170_150_msg0005 84 Still, it's not like there was anywhere else to turn to...
6 fev11_170_150_msg0006 84 This is practically the only place where Lady Lora's mother could feel secure, these days...
7 fev11_170_150_msg0007 84 Don't look so glum, Haze.
8 fev11_170_150_msg0008 84 If it weren't for you, I'd never have found out that my mother fled here. I can't thank you enough for that.
9 fev11_170_150_msg0009 84 Yes, I suppose...
10 fev11_170_150_msg0010 84 Come on, let's get to Torigoth. I can't wait to see Mother again!
11 fev11_170_150_msg0011 84 OK. Let's just head along the road, it will take us straight there.
12 fev11_170_150_msg0012 84 Just remember, this is uncharted territory for us. Try not to...
13 fev11_170_150_msg0013 84 ...Never mind. It's not like I need to tell any of you that.
14 fev11_170_150_msg0014 84 Yes, I dare say we've all learned to exercise caution by this point... Let's not dally, then. Onwards!