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1 fev11_050_150_msg0001 84 Right, we've got our ingredients, fire's nice and toasty... I think we're all set for the night!
2 fev11_050_150_msg0002 84 Jin, would you mind making a start on the cooking?
3 fev11_050_150_msg0003 84 I'll get right to it.
4 fev11_050_150_msg0004 84 ...The Blade's doing the cooking?
5 fev11_050_150_msg0005 84 Got a problem with that?
6 fev11_050_150_msg0006 84 ...
7 fev11_050_150_msg0007 84 Better Jin than me. If I were in charge, I'd probably end up losing a limb peeling the veggies!
8 fev11_050_150_msg0008 84 It's not all one-sided, though. Lora has her own talents. Like making charms. That, I could never do.
9 fev11_050_150_msg0009 84 Right! We make up for each other's strengths and weaknesses.
10 fev11_050_150_msg0010 84 Blade or Driver, no one has to shoulder all the burden.
11 fev11_050_150_msg0011 84 Huh.
12 fev11_050_150_msg0012 84 Okay, I'm going to make a start on the Trout Stralu. It won't take long.