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1 fev11_050_125_msg0001 84 This looks like a good spot to set up camp.
2 fev11_050_125_msg0002 84 Yeah. I'll start preparing the food.
3 fev11_050_125_msg0003 84 Oh wow, you're a star, Jin. What do you reckon you'll make?
4 fev11_050_125_msg0004 84 Let's see, now... I should be able to get my hands on a few choice ingredients around here.
5 fev11_050_125_msg0005 84 If we can find some Tornan Trout, Deviled Onions and Sour Avocados, I could stew them together...
6 fev11_050_125_msg0006 84 You like Trout Stralu, right?
7 fev11_050_125_msg0007 84 It's absolutely divine! You'll join us for a bite to eat, won't you, Mikhail?
8 fev11_050_125_msg0008 84 ...I guess.
9 fev11_050_125_msg0009 84 Perfect! Then let's set to work and hunt for those ingredients!
10 fev11_050_125_msg0010 84 All three of those things should be easy to come by around here. No need to travel off the beaten path.