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1 fev07_410_160_msg0001 84 Now the question is, how are we getting to the Cliffs of Morytha?
2 fev07_410_160_msg0002 84 I doubt just any sailor would be willing to give us a ride there.
3 fev07_410_160_msg0003 84 Yeah, they're not gonna be keen on going that close to the World Tree.
4 fev07_410_160_msg0004 84 In that case, I will charter a military vessel.
5 fev07_410_160_msg0005 84 It may not be the most efficient route, but it will be reliable, I can assure you that much.
6 fev07_410_160_msg0006 84 That our Special Inquisithingy!
7 fev07_410_160_msg0007 84 Special Inquisitor.
8 fev07_410_160_msg0008 84 Haha... Some might consider this an abuse of my privileges, you know.
9 fev07_410_160_msg0009 84 So are we headed to the port at Hardhaigh Palace in Mor Ardain?
10 fev07_410_160_msg0010 84 Yes.
11 fev07_410_160_msg0011 84 Brighid, would you send word ahead that we are coming?
12 fev07_410_160_msg0012 84 Of course, Lady Mòrag. Leave it to me.
13 fev07_410_160_msg0013 84 Right, then let's get moving!