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1 fev06_100_125_msg0001 84 Morning, folks. You're looking a bit better-slept than yesterday.
2 fev06_100_125_msg0002 84 Pretty much.
3 fev06_100_125_msg0003 84 Fan's state funeral is to be held today, is it not?
4 fev06_100_125_msg0004 84 Yeah, I think it was meant to be happening in Seoris Plaza, right outside the Sanctum.
5 fev06_100_125_msg0005 84 You'll be going, right, chum?
6 fev06_100_125_msg0006 84 Yes. It would be wrong for me not to.
7 fev06_100_125_msg0007 84 Seoris Plaza very not far away. Time to go! Quick-quick!
8 fev06_100_125_msg0008 84 Masterpon so bossy sometimes...