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1 fev06_040_175_msg0001 84 Through here is the venue for the summit of nations.
2 fev06_040_175_msg0002 84 I must apologize, but entry is forbidden to all but the official representatives of each nation.
3 fev06_040_175_msg0003 84 I guess this is as far as we go.
4 fev06_040_175_msg0004 84 Yes... Brighid and I will proceed to the summit.
5 fev06_040_175_msg0005 84 I'm coming with you.
6 fev06_040_175_msg0006 84 Who invited you, Shellhead?
7 fev06_040_175_msg0007 84 'Scuse me?
8 fev06_040_175_msg0008 84 In case you've forgotten, I'm a prince of Tantal. I'm perfectly qualified to represent my nation here.
9 fev06_040_175_msg0009 84 Oh, yeah. I always forget.
10 fev06_040_175_msg0010 84 What do I have to do to get some respect around here, eh?
11 fev06_040_175_msg0011 84 Sorry, sorry. It's just you're so... approachable. For a prince.
12 fev06_040_175_msg0012 84 Uh-huh. I'll leave it at that.
13 fev06_040_175_msg0013 84 And so are you, Mythra. Remember?
14 fev06_040_175_msg0014 84 I guess...
15 fev06_040_175_msg0015 84 I'm not sure I like it, but I suppose I have to play my part in all this.
16 fev06_040_175_msg0016 84 Rex, you head back to our chambers with the others and wait for us.
17 fev06_040_175_msg0017 84 No problems!
18 fev06_040_175_msg0018 84 Hang on, who needs babysitting here?
19 fev06_040_175_msg0019 84 You figure it out.
20 fev06_040_175_msg0020 84 Right. Sure.
21 fev06_040_175_msg0021 84 Be careful in there, OK, Mythra?
22 fev06_040_175_msg0022 84 Don't worry. I'll handle this just fine.