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1 fev05_150_125_msg0001 84 How did you find it, visiting your hometown after so long?
2 fev05_150_125_msg0002 84 I was surprised how much the kids had grown, but apart from that, it was all just how I remembered. Which is nice.
3 fev05_150_125_msg0003 84 Anyway, I'm all rested up and raring to go! I'm ready to lead the way to the port.
4 fev05_150_125_msg0004 84 Thank you very much, Master Rex.
5 fev05_150_125_msg0005 84 Well, it's not like it's very far. It's just on the next island over.
6 fev05_150_125_msg0006 84 Come on, let's get going.