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1 fev04_300_125_msg0001 84 This must be the abandoned factory we were told about.
2 fev04_300_125_msg0002 84 Dadapon and Lila inside here!
3 fev04_300_125_msg0003 84 It seems likely, yes.
4 fev04_300_125_msg0004 84 Door is stubborn! Not opening!
5 fev04_300_125_msg0005 84 I guess the security isn't a complete pushover.
6 fev04_300_125_msg0006 84 Search for different way in! No point standing around! Hurry-hurry!
7 fev04_300_125_msg0007 84 Yeah, let's have a look around.
8 fev04_300_125_msg0008 84 Could we perhaps enter through that window?
9 fev04_300_125_msg0009 84 We'd need to find a way up there first...
10 fev04_300_125_msg0010 84 Time for exploring then!