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1 fev04_160_125_msg0001 84 Now, to get to Indol, we'll need to...
2 fev04_160_125_msg0002 84 Rex!
3 fev04_160_125_msg0003 84 Zuo...
4 fev04_160_125_msg0004 84 Don't worry about us. You just carry on with your own journey.
5 fev04_160_125_msg0005 84 what I'd like to say, but could you come back to Garfont and speak to Yew for a moment first?
6 fev04_160_125_msg0006 84 There's something we need to talk to you about. Something the boss left behind.
7 fev04_160_125_msg0007 84 Something from Vandham...?
8 fev04_160_125_msg0008 84 We'll give you the details once you get back to Garfont. Don't keep us waiting, yeah?
9 fev04_160_125_msg0009 84 Listen, um...