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1 fev03_150_125_msg0001 84 You sure know how to keep a guy waiting, rookies.
2 fev03_150_125_msg0002 84 Very sorry for wait!
3 fev03_150_125_msg0003 84 Is fault of Vandham for rushing off ahead...
4 fev03_150_125_msg0004 84 Hahahah! Sorry 'bout that.
5 fev03_150_125_msg0005 84 I guess you've already seen him when we fought earlier, but let's introduce ourselves properly, shall we?
6 fev03_150_125_msg0006 84 I'm Roc, Vandham's Blade.
7 fev03_150_125_msg0007 84 Pleasure to meet you all.
8 fev03_150_125_msg0008 84 The pleasure's all ours!
9 fev03_150_125_msg0009 84 I noticed you used an unusual style of weapon?
10 fev03_150_125_msg0010 84 Yeah, they're called Dual Scythes. Even around here, I never met anyone but Vandham who can use them.
11 fev03_150_125_msg0011 84 Wow. Big man very amazing!
12 fev03_150_125_msg0012 84 Hahahah!
13 fev03_150_125_msg0013 84 Don't flatter him too much. He'll let it go to his head.
14 fev03_150_125_msg0014 84 Vandham only have one Blade then?
15 fev03_150_125_msg0015 84 Yeah, pretty much.
16 fev03_150_125_msg0016 84 I know most Drivers have a few, so they can change up their strategies in battle, but me, Roc's all I've ever needed!
17 fev03_150_125_msg0017 84 Big man really is amazing...
18 fev03_150_125_msg0018 84 Hahahah!
19 fev03_150_125_msg0019 84 Sounds to me like you just can't be bothered to think up more than one strategy, eh, old man?
20 fev03_150_125_msg0020 84 Gahahah!
21 fev03_150_125_msg0021 84 Well, now that we all know each other, let's get down to business.
22 fev03_150_125_msg0022 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Think ]He just dodged the question...
23 fev03_150_125_msg0023 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Think ]An expert dodge, to be sure...