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1 fev03_030_125_msg0001 84 Hey, Tora... The place where this Umon guy lives isn't affected by the Cloud Sea tides, is it?
2 fev03_030_125_msg0002 84 Hmm? Why Rex-Rex ask?
3 fev03_030_125_msg0003 84 Well, I noticed the Cloud Sea's been pretty low ever since we went off to save Nia. It's still low now, right?
4 fev03_030_125_msg0004 84 I was worrying that depending on the situation, we might be forced to find a different route.
5 fev03_030_125_msg0005 84 Rex has a point. The Cloud Sea tides can have a marked effect on the areas you are able to traverse.
6 fev03_030_125_msg0006 84 Sometimes the Cloud Sea may allow you to swim to places that were once out of reach...
7 fev03_030_125_msg0007 84 But equally it can submerge previously reachable areas, halting your progress.
8 fev03_030_125_msg0008 84 Exactly. So I was wondering whether we need to worry about any of that where we're going now.
9 fev03_030_125_msg0009 84 That make sense!
10 fev03_030_125_msg0010 84 But is no problem. Path to shipyard of Umon not affected by Cloud Sea at all!
11 fev03_030_125_msg0011 84 That's good to know.
12 fev03_030_125_msg0012 84 If it was somewhere we could only reach at high tide, we'd have to rest up somewhere until the clouds rise.
13 fev03_030_125_msg0013 84 That doesn't sound so bad to me.
14 fev03_030_125_msg0014 84 Frankly, I'd welcome a well-earned rest at an inn while we wait for the tide to change.
15 fev03_030_125_msg0015 84 No offense, Rex, but your helmet isn't always the most comfortable abode!
16 fev03_030_125_msg0016 84 Yes, can always have a stretch and a lie down next time we visit the inn at Torigoth.
17 fev03_030_125_msg0017 84 For now though, we go to shipyard of Umon!