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1 fev02_360_125_msg0001 84 Looks like this is the way to the hangar.
2 fev02_360_125_msg0002 84 Sounds like a way out of here!
3 fev02_360_125_msg0003 84 Meh-meh-meh... Door is locked, no way to open!
4 fev02_360_125_msg0004 84 Even Poppi probably not able to break through this...
5 fev02_360_125_msg0005 84 But we're so close!
6 fev02_360_125_msg0006 84 Rex. Take a look over there.
7 fev02_360_125_msg0007 84 Good eyes. Could that be the switch to open it?
8 fev02_360_125_msg0008 84 We don't have many options but to try.
9 fev02_360_125_msg0009 84 If it does open the door, we will surely be able to escape through the hangar.
10 fev02_360_125_msg0010 84 Then what are we waiting for?!
11 fev02_360_125_msg0011 84 Looks like we have to leave this room for now and find a way up there.