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1 fev02_290_123_msg0001 84 Before we leaving, Tora want to explain something to Rex-Rex and Poppi!
2 fev02_290_123_msg0002 84 Explain what, Masterpon?
3 fev02_290_123_msg0003 84 It about this advanced gaming device!
4 fev02_290_123_msg0004 84 I did wonder what that thing was for. So it's for playing games?
5 fev02_290_123_msg0005 84 Yes! Game is called Tiger! Tiger!
6 fev02_290_123_msg0006 84 Is hidden gem that Grampypon make for Tora when Tora was littlepon!
7 fev02_290_123_msg0007 84 It looks like it's seen better days...
8 fev02_290_123_msg0008 84 Tora turned on power just now, so should be possible to play!
9 fev02_290_123_msg0009 84 Rex-Rex! Give game a try!
10 fev02_290_123_msg0010 84 Hmmmm...
11 fev02_290_123_msg0011 84 It does sound kind of fun, but I wouldn't want to get hooked on a game while Nia needs rescuing...
12 fev02_290_123_msg0012 84 Wait wait wait!
13 fev02_290_123_msg0013 84 Playing this game can earn prizes! Special parts for power up Poppi!
14 fev02_290_123_msg0014 84 Parts for Poppi?
15 fev02_290_123_msg0015 84 Grampypon make this game in hopes that it reveal true purpose when Poppi finally complete!
16 fev02_290_123_msg0016 84 So if friends think Poppi a bit weak, or just want more amazing power, play game and get new upgrade!
17 fev02_290_123_msg0017 84 I...guess that makes sense. I'll give it a go, then.
18 fev02_290_123_msg0018 84 That is wise decision!
19 fev02_290_123_msg0019 84 Tiger! Tiger! GO!
20 fev02_290_123_msg0020 84 Shall Tora explain basics? After all, Rex-Rex is a little wet behind ears...
21 fev02_290_123_msg0021 84 Use directional buttons to move! Use A Button to attack!
22 fev02_290_123_msg0022 84 So, that is basics. Tora let Rex-Rex figure out rest by Rex's self! Learning is best by doing, meh!