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1 fev02_270_125_msg0001 84 So...what do you actually need to finish this artificial Blade?
2 fev02_270_125_msg0002 84 One Perfect Range Sensor and three Bion Connectors!
3 fev02_270_125_msg0003 84 I don't think I've ever heard of either of those...
4 fev02_270_125_msg0004 84 Perfect Range Sensor supplements function of eyes in artificial Blade.
5 fev02_270_125_msg0005 84 Quite pricey item, but very important.
6 fev02_270_125_msg0006 84 And the Bion Connectors?
7 fev02_270_125_msg0007 84 That have many uses, but mostly to prevent hat fall off.
8 fev02_270_125_msg0008 84 Would an ordinary piece of string not suffice...?
9 fev02_270_125_msg0009 84 So, um...where can we buy these items?
10 fev02_270_125_msg0010 84 At Margia's Odds & Ends!
11 fev02_270_125_msg0011 84 Is just off to the left after entering Torigoth city.
12 fev02_270_125_msg0012 84 I'm sure we must have walked past that area before.
13 fev02_270_125_msg0013 84 All right! Let's go!