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1 fev02_250_125_msg0001 84 Did Rex-Rex know? They recruiting over there for new Drivers.
2 fev02_250_125_msg0002 84 Yeah, I saw that earlier when we first arrived in the city.
3 fev02_250_125_msg0003 84 Rex-Rex should try too! Chance of success basically 100%!
4 fev02_250_125_msg0004 84 I'm wanted by the Ardainian Empire right now, remember? It seems like a bad idea to make myself conspicuous...
5 fev02_250_125_msg0005 84 Rex-Rex make good point...
6 fev02_250_125_msg0006 84 Tora was just too curious to see what kind of Blade Rex-Rex awaken...
7 fev02_250_125_msg0007 84 At any rate, I don't need to awaken a Blade, do I? I've already got Pyra.
8 fev02_250_125_msg0008 84 Come now, Rex. Don't tell me you thought Drivers could only bond with a single Blade!
9 fev02_250_125_msg0009 84 What? Is that not right?
10 fev02_250_125_msg0010 84 Not at all. Many Drivers have more than one.
11 fev02_250_125_msg0011 84 With Nia gone, we're a bit short on numbers right now. We might not hold up all that well in a fight...
12 fev02_250_125_msg0012 84 Perhaps it would actually be a good idea to get yourself a new Blade.
13 fev02_250_125_msg0013 84 A new Blade opens up new possibilities in battle, after all.
14 fev02_250_125_msg0014 84 Hmmmm...
15 fev02_250_125_msg0015 84 It would stop you from putting so much strain on Pyra, as well. Seems like a good thing all round, if you ask me.
16 fev02_250_125_msg0016 84 Well, if Pyra doesn't mind, I guess it couldn't hurt to try.
17 fev02_250_125_msg0017 84 I don't have any objections. The more the merrier!
18 fev02_250_125_msg0018 84 Then it settled!
19 fev02_250_125_msg0019 84 The question is, where are we going to get ourselves a Core Crystal?
20 fev02_250_125_msg0020 84 Now that's one question I can answer!
21 fev02_250_125_msg0021 84 I happen to have one stored away for just such an occasion.
22 fev02_250_125_msg0022 84 Where Gramps hide Core Crystal with such small body...?
23 fev02_250_125_msg0023 84 The key to awakening a new Blade is to foster a powerful resonance with the Driver's spirit.
24 fev02_250_125_msg0024 84 Focus your whole mind on the Core Crystal as you touch it.
25 fev02_250_125_msg0025 84 And try to hold a clear picture in your mind of the Blade you wish to awaken.
26 fev02_250_125_msg0026 84 I'm not sure I really understand, but I'll give it a try.
27 fev02_250_125_msg0027 84 I hope you awaken a wonderful Blade!