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1 fev01_110_125_msg0001 84 Now that I've got Gramps's permission, just about...I'd better start making preparations for this mission.
2 fev01_110_125_msg0002 84 A hundred grand to spend...that sure is an exciting prospect!
3 fev01_110_125_msg0003 84 I could buy a whole new cutting-edge salvaging suit...
4 fev01_110_125_msg0004 84 But no, I can't splurge this all at once. The folks back home need this money more than I do.
5 fev01_110_125_msg0005 84 I'll hold off on making any big purchases, and just head to Shynini's Accessories.
6 fev01_110_125_msg0006 84 Always best to be prepared for anything! I might end up fighting a Crustip like on my last salvage.