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1 fev01_070_110_msg0001 84 Hey there, Rex. That ship caught your eye?
2 fev01_070_110_msg0002 84 Well, of course!
3 fev01_070_110_msg0003 84 Yeah, I guess it's not easy to miss.
4 fev01_070_110_msg0004 84 Never knew they made ships this big without a Titan at the core.
5 fev01_070_110_msg0005 84 I can't even begin to imagine how the whole thing works.
6 fev01_070_110_msg0006 84 Indeed.
7 fev01_070_110_msg0007 84 Do you know whose ship it is?
8 fev01_070_110_msg0008 84 Some clients of the Chairman, I think. Don't know the details.
9 fev01_070_110_msg0009 84 Huh, I see...
10 fev01_070_110_msg0010 84 I know you're curious, but don't go climbing on board or anything, OK?
11 fev01_070_110_msg0011 84 I'm not that crazy...
12 fev01_070_110_msg0012 84 Anyway, I've gotta get back to work.
13 fev01_070_110_msg0013 84 All right, then. See you round, Garram!