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1 campfev11_670_150_msg0001 84 So, lady knight. What's the plan now?
2 campfev11_670_150_msg0002 84 Ahh, don't call me that.
3 campfev11_670_150_msg0003 84 Though I do feel like I understand Addam a bit better now...
4 campfev11_670_150_msg0004 84 Hahah.
5 campfev11_670_150_msg0005 84 Well, Malos has given us some time.
6 campfev11_670_150_msg0006 84 Our first priority should be to make sure that the people of Torna are safe.
7 campfev11_670_150_msg0007 84 In the wake of an attack on the capital, the stability of the country is at its most precarious.
8 campfev11_670_150_msg0008 84 Alleviating any uneasiness on the part of the citizens is indeed a most pressing concern.
9 campfev11_670_150_msg0009 84 Yeah...
10 campfev11_670_150_msg0010 84 And in doing that, perhaps we'll grow a little stronger, too.
11 campfev11_670_150_msg0011 84 Then let's see what's going on in the capital and with the resistance.
12 campfev11_670_150_msg0012 84 Thanks for sticking around, Minoth. I'm sure we'll end up getting into a lot more scrapes before this is all over.
13 campfev11_670_150_msg0013 84 Knowing you, I'm sure we will...